2021 Holiday Gift Guide for a Luxury Travel Lifestyle |

With Black Friday upon us, it is a great time to start thinking of the perfect gift for those people in your life who enjoy travel and the finer things. From gifting experiences to delicious international foodie treats and more, keep reading for all of my favorite holiday travel-inspired gifts for 2021…

Try The World:

A Try The World monthly subscription box is a foodie and travel lover’s dream. “Discover the world through food” is their tagline and although some of us still can’t travel everywhere we’d like, we can enjoy the delights of this box with treats from around the world! They will deliver a gourmet food box from a new country every month with 7-8 products that are curated from notable chefs around the world. They only provide items from small, family-owned companies who follow artisan methods of production which is something to admire.

GetYourGuide Experiences:

My absolute favorite gifts are actually experiences! Often times these types of gifts are priceless since you’re creating memories and enjoying quality times with friends or family. In my opinion, GetYourGuide is a one-stop-shop when it comes to booking any kind of guided tours or tickets to certain sights and attractions. This past year I’ve really enjoyed putting in the destination I’m traveling to, along with my dates, and easily browsing through everything GetYourGuide has to offer during my visit. From booking food tours to spooky cemetery walks, and even museum tickets and more, I’ve enjoyed every single one of my experiences and all the local guides have been fantastic.

Honestly, I use their website as a travel planning tool as well because you can just see what every city has to offer! I recommend downloading their app so you can easily have all of your mobile tickets on your phone once you book. As far as gifting and experience, you can obviously book a specific one OR send your loved one a GetYourGuide gift card!

Trtl – Travel Products:

If you’ve already heard of Trtl, it is probably because of their famous Trtl Travel Pillow. Well, they are continuing to change the game in both travel and lifestyle with their innovative and sustainable products. With travel continuously changing due to the global pandemic, Trtl have adapted to ensure their products give value and confidence to anyone in their daily lives.

Their new, stand-out product is the Trtl Protect Mask that can be worn in three different ways. I love that it allows me to adapt my protection to my surroundings, while limiting the need for disposable masks. So it’s a win for us, and a win for the planet! Plus, the neck support is scientifically proven with adjustable fastening, and also half the size of a standard U-shaped travel pillow, only weighing half a pound. I cannot wait to eventually travel with this, as it’s compact, lightweight, and comfortable. To show off the amazing ways you can use this product, watch the video below…

Nordgreen Watches:

While I can’t travel to Denmark at the moment, I can still enjoy Danish design with Nordgreen watches, a global watch company based in Copenhagen. They blend Scandinavian minimalism with fine craftsmanship of a leading Danish designer who has previously worked with Bang & Olufsen and other major design brands.

Photo courtesy of Nordgreen

Their products are more than just mere watches, they are timepieces with a unique story – inspired by local design thought, sustainability and warm generosity. I fell in love with their bestselling Infinity watch in Rose Gold, designed by Jakob Wagner. It’s sleek yet classic with a beautiful touch of femininity. You can also save up to 20% when you select one or two extra straps. Plus, Nordgreen does free delivery and returns! They have amazing Black Friday deals this week that you can discover here!

Dowdle Puzzles:

For those that got hooked on puzzles in 2020 and are still looking for beautifully crafted, colorful, travel-themed puzzles, look no further than Dowdle Puzzles. Eric Dowdle is an American folk artist and business owner who founded Dowdle Folk Art in the 90s and has since expanded his artwork into a travel show on Amazon, interactive puzzles, and more.

Photo courtesy of Dowdle

I particularly love his Dowdle Wooden Puzzles featuring cities around the world like Newport Beach or London; they would make a great gift for those who miss travel. They feature high quality giclée print that is mounted on wood. You can also choose between several options including a classic Dowdle box or a keepsake wood box and more. They also do custom image puzzles and have a “no missing pieces” policy which means they will replace your puzzle with a new one if there is even one puzzle piece missing! And although that rarely happens, it is a nice guarantee and vote of confidence.


I always love supporting a small, family-owned business and right now I’m missing travel and craving sweet treats like baklava! The family who created pureBAKLAVA uses the recipe from their Greek grandmother who emigrated to the United States through Ellis Island in the 1920s. Now, anyone can enjoy this handcrafted artisan baklava, but they only make it in small batches so do not wait to purchase. In fact, this holiday season they are only making 300 boxes. If you purchase before December 10, 2021, use my promo code CARMENSLUXURYTRAVEL for 30% off!

I personally love their new chocolate flavor and would recommend pureBAKLAVA as a delicious gift for anyone with a sweet tooth; it’s especially great to bring over to a holiday party. I’ve tried baklava around the world and this is absolutely premium quality with consistent flavor, texture, and taste. You can tell that everything is done by hand, beautifully packaged, and wrapped to preserve that just-out-of-the-oven flavor.

Folding Traveling Mirror: 

Photo courtesy of Hollywood Mirrors

For those people who can apply makeup with one free hand, then this is the best portable makeup mirror for travel. It comes with true image and 10X magnification and a 12-months limited warranty in case it’s faulty. You’ll be covered in every way possible while on the road!

Workman Calendars:

Photo courtesy of Workman

A calendar is a classic gift for anyone who wants to start the year off in an organized way. But if you’re currently suffering from wanderlust, like me, I recommend a beautiful travel-themed calendar from Workman. As a big fan of travel guidebook author and TV host Rick Steves, my obvious choice is the Rick Steves’ Europe Daily Calendar. This desk calendar is filled with over 300 photographs from Rick’s favorite places and dishes from around the world, including his top travel tips!

Instant Pot 11 in 1: 

Instant Pot took the cooking world by storm a couple years ago, but their new and improved product is absolutely worth checking out this year! With so many other appliances like an air fryer or crock pot taking over your precious kitchen space, the Instant Pot Duo Crisp Pressure Cooker 11 in 1 can really do it all. This will air fry, roast, bake, slow-cook, dehydrate and so much more. And with the world currently spending more time at home, make your cooking more efficient and enjoyable!

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