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Planning a group trip does not come easy, especially when deciding which places to visit. Aside from the logistics, you also need to consider each individual’s moods, likes, and preferences, which can become extremely challenging if the group is composed of diverse individuals. However, this doesn’t mean that you just have to forego your dreams of embarking on an exciting and fun-filled European adventure with friends. 

Europe is home to many incredible destinations that everyone is guaranteed to love, especially if you all want to travel in luxury and style. So, here are some of the luxury European destinations to consider for group travel.

#1 Iceland 

If your group has agreed to go for a winter holiday, Iceland would be an ideal destination. Reykjavik, the country’s capital city, offers plenty of activities to keep everyone busy. Those who love culture and history can explore the city’s top museums, art galleries, parks, and cultural attractions. You will also find other interesting sights in some parts of the country, such as The Settlement Centre in Borgarnes, which offer an incredible insight into the Viking culture and the first settlements of Iceland.

For those who love adventurous activities, you will find plenty to do in Iceland. Activities range from adrenaline-filled adventures to low-key scenic hikes. Whale watching and snorkelling are also popular and best visited in February. You can also go hiking in the country’s most remote destinations or go chasing the Northern Lights!

When planning your group travel to Iceland, look for luxury hotels that can accommodate everyone. Check out the Marina Residence in Reykjavik, an exceptionally rated hotel with luxury waterfront suites housed in a traditional Icelandic house. Located within the Reykjavik Old Town, the Marina Residence has spacious suites to accommodate big groups. Hotel Borg, a chic and elegant boutique hotel in Reykjavik, is another option to consider. This elegant 4-star hotel sits next to the Icelandic Parliament in the middle of Reykjavik. Book their 2-floor tower suite, which you can extend to two or three bedrooms, ideal for big groups.

#2 Croatia

Croatia is becoming one of Europe’s hottest new destinations. From charming villages to seaside resorts and pristine parks, there are countless places to see in this gorgeous country. Travelling to Croatia with your group offers the chance to explore the Adriatic coast and the urban cities of Zagreb and Dubrovnik. But if everyone loves nature and the outdoors, then camping is the perfect activity for you. 

With its warm climate and welcoming landscape, camping in Croatia has always been popular among locals and visitors, especially during the summer season. There’s a wide variety of campgrounds and campsites in Croatia, most of them situated along the coast. You will also find the  best campervanning sites in Europe within the national parks, particularly popular among families during school holidays. The camping sites around Plitvice National Park are the most popular. Home to a chain of terraced lakes and waterfalls extending into a limestone canyon, Plitvice National Park is one of Europe’s most beautiful parks.

While in Croatia, don’t miss the chance to visit some of its famous sights. If your group are fans of Game of Thrones, then spend a few days in Dubrovnik to explore the Old Town and visit the show’s filming locations. Head to the beautiful city of Split and check out the Diocletian’s Palace. Built by Roman Emperor Diocletian, this ancient palace is one of the best-preserved monuments of Roman architecture.

#3 Italy

A group trip is an excellent way to recharge with friends, especially if it includes staying at a luxury villa in the Italian countryside. But with so many things to explore in the country, from glacial lakes, fiery volcanoes to rolling vineyards and sunny isles, deciding where to base yourself can be tricky.

Italy is home to many great Italian cities, from Naples, Pisa to Bologna and Florence. For culture lovers and history buffs, Rome is not to be missed. The city is a globally renowned historical and cultural powerhouse. For those who love romance, Venice and Florence are a must. Meanwhile, the gorgeous Amalfi Coast is an ideal destination for beach lovers, while Naples is for foodies who want to get a taste of authentic Neapolitan pizzas.

When exploring Italy with friends or family, consider staying at a spacious luxury villa. In the charming region of Tuscany, you’ll find enchanting villas that open to the stunning views of the vineyards. Some have a swimming pool and other amenities for a more relaxing stay. Others also include barbeques with tables and chairs for outdoor dining and entertainment, ensuring fun and relaxing evenings of food and wine and memories to remember for a lifetime.

#4 United Kingdom

If you’re looking to experience something unique and exciting on your European holiday with friends, go narrowboating in the UK. Narrowboat holidays are perfect for weekend breaks with friends. They are fun, affordable, and ideal for big and small groups. The best thing about hiring your own boat is that you can get comfortable in a home away from home while reconnecting with the beauty of nature and having the opportunity to explore the UK’s most charming countryside.

If you and your friends are new to narrowboating, you might be surprised to discover how comfortable and spacious the narrowboat accommodations can be. These vessels are ergonomically designed to fit everything you can expect from a basic holiday home. With the narrowboats, you’ll enjoy luxury and comforts as you explore Britain’s most incredible canal routes. These boats have full central heating, modern shower and toilet facilities, and other facilities similar to a holiday home. What’s more, some of these boats are pet-friendly, so feel free to take your furry friends on your narrowboat holiday!

The biggest advantage to hiring your own boat when narrowboating for the weekend in the UK, is the sense of freedom that it gives. You are free to decide which activities to include in your getaway – all in the comfort of your own mobile home. The UK’s waterways have a rich and interesting history, and you’ll discover more of these during your narrowboat holiday. So, whether it’s a weekend break with the family or a fun getaway with friends, there’s nothing quite as exciting as narrowboating.

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