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If you are thinking of going on a golf trip anytime soon, it’s better to start preparing as soon as possible. The sooner you start, the more time you’ll have to choose the perfect destination and plan the details of your trip. You will be able to keep your costs under control and avoid nasty last-minute surprises as well. Let’s take a look at some essential tips you should follow if you want to have the golf trip of a lifetime.

#1 Consider Staying Close to Home

One of the things you should consider is looking at golf courses closer to where you are. This will not only make logistics easier and allow you to cut costs but will also allow you to do things like bring your own golf cart with you. You never know if the course you have in mind will have golf carts and going to an overseas resort only to have to carry your clubs on foot could put a damper on your whole trip. If you have never thought about buying a golf cart before, now could be the perfect time to do so. Buying a golf cart could allow you to get a much better experience since you’ll be able to choose any model that you want and equip it as you wish. 

The best premium golf carts will have things like GPS, cooler bags and trays, and tons of customization options, which is not something you can expect from the average golf carts you’ll find at most golf courses. So, consider the option today, and start looking at different models.

#2 Don’t Get Too Ambitious

Do not assume that the rest of your party will want to play 36 rounds per day; instead, try to mix things up. You could go on a 36-hole game one day, and just do a few rounds the day after. Or you could just stay at the golf resort and check out other attractions. Most golf hotspots will have things like bars, theaters, restaurants, and more, so you should have plenty of fun if you choose the right place. You should also plan for some evening play. You will need to make sure you pick a resort that has good evening golf options, however. Also, check if they have a driving range as it could allow you to relax at the end of the day in a cooler ambiance.

#3 Try to be as Clear as Possible with the Costs

Gather everyone together and start discussing how you will be dividing the costs. If you’re the one who has proposed the trip, first ask everyone how much they can afford to spend on the trip. Once you have that number, choose a destination that would make sense financially, but overvalue the costs a little bit to cover things like extra rounds. You should also consider putting all charges on one card. This will allow you to keep your costs under control and make the splitting part easier.

#4 Consider Shipping Your Clubs Early

If you’re going overseas for your trip, you should consider shipping your clubs through a service like Ship Sticks. The last thing you want is for your clubs or everyone’s clubs to get lost by your airline. So, check the service and ask if people in your group want to use it too as you could be eligible for a group discount.

All of these tips should help you plan the perfect golf trip and ensure that you and your friends enjoy yourselves to the fullest. Take the time to plan and pack early, pick a destination that will work for everyone, and be ready for any emergency.

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