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A beautiful porch or patio is a great way to bring charm to a home’s exterior. It not only adds personality but also improves the curb appeal of the house. According to PR News Wire, 74% of American house owners use their patios for relaxation. Unsurprisingly, homeowners are responding to the call of nature by investing in patios, porches, and decks. It’s a rising trend, and just like magazine-worthy interior design, people want theirs to stand out the most.

These improvements have almost become must-have amenities of a modern home, and if you really want your outdoor spaces to look like those of a luxury Spanish villa, there are many ways to upgrade. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Outdoor Kitchen And Dining Area

Alfresco cooking and dining are some of the most sought-after luxury trends in the outdoor living space. Forbes has labeled it as “Luxury moves Outdoors” as the consumer demand for outdoor living continues to increase. So much so, statistics show the demand for outdoor kitchen equipment is predicted to rise by 6.3% by 2024. An alfresco kitchen is an excellent way to upgrade your patio. It not only utilizes your available space, but also provides structure to it. In addition to a luxury outdoor kitchen, homeowners can also consider adding items like custom outdoor fireplaces and landscape elements like extravagant hedges in order to garner a sense of privacy.

The dining areas here are an extension of these luxury elements. Did you know that the market share of outdoor furniture is expected to rise to $46.21 billion USD by 2028? Research has even suggested eating outdoors makes people happier and can lower cortisol levels. Adding a privacy screen to your outdoor space can add that extra element of luxury and entertainment. The best part about adding an outdoor kitchen and dining area to your patios is that they don’t have to be limited by seasonality. Portable or hardwired heat lamps allow for fall and winter use, and a variety of fans and misting systems are available to keep you cool in summer.

Water Features

Water features such as fountains and waterfalls are elements that can instil your porches and patios with a sense of luxury. Just imagine sitting on an oversized sectional on your porch with a hot mug of coffee while the soothing sounds of the water lull you into a sense of calmness. The sound of water has been clinically proven to help people feel more relaxed, hence why so many luxury spas tend to use it as a backdrop while providing services to their clients. 

Moreover, adding a palatial fountain or a babbling waterfall to your home can also make a huge visual impact. With a range of options available, have fun with your research into what might work best for your home. Some people opt for a modern poured concrete waterfall, while others prefer ornate backyard fountains with lots of classical detailing. 


Combining modern hardscaping with your landscape elements is also a great way to emulate luxury in your porch or patios. Installing a slab or pavers as your ground surface provides the perfect canvas for you to work with clean lines and upscale materials. For example, crisply cut limestone or sandstone slabs are a great way to start off. They’ll provide a clean, sophisticated palate for you to work with. Above ground, you might consider a feature wall or fencing. Having a ventless fireplace on the feature wall connected to your patio can make an excellent hardscape element. Be sure to back it off with sleek tiles that are accentuated with cobbles for a well-rounded look.

You can also complement the hardscaping with lush landscape elements. Aside from luxury water features, you can also opt for planters, bold outdoor umbrellas, and imported exotic plants for that subtle jungle-style appeal. A sumptuous falling ivy is also a good option. To make the watering process as smooth as possible, you could also look at getting a retractable hose reel for easy watering without having a messy hose ruin the aesthetics of your newly improved outdoor space.

Inground Pool And Spa

Inground pools with a built-in spa are other elements that can emulate luxury in your outdoor spaces. These pools are built directly into the ground and consist of various levels/partitions. Some even have built-in hot tub units that overlook the rest of the pool. Some homeowners prefer to have it above ground, but having the spa on a level with the pool is definitely the epitome of luxury. Other than that, you can also have a sunken bar area attached to one end of your pool. One can simply swim from one end to the other and get the cocktail of their choice. An underwater tanning ledge is also not a bad option, especially if you have floating beds to go along with them.

Split Levels

A split-leveled outdoor space is also a unique way to introduce a subtle sense of luxury, especially if your property is on a sloped lot. With some smart landscaping choices, a split level alfresco area will make the whole scene very dynamic and visually interesting. There are many ways to utilize split levels in outdoor spaces. Depending on your property size and layout, you may use one area for lounging and the other for dining. You might choose a recessed fire pit in the middle of one with built-in seating all around if you want to take things to the next level! You can also create multiple low-height terraces and furnish them with luxury materials/furniture for the best impact.


Porches and patios have become a popular addition to the modern house. According to IBIS World, the market size of the deck and patio construction industry has reached a staggering 1.1 billion USD in 2022! Similarly, the percentage of houses with porches has also increased exponentially. This means that these two additions are becoming a permanent part of our lives. Moreover, specialists believe outdoor living matters more than before the pandemic because people need to experience nature after being closed off for so long. So, we hope that these ideas help you beautify your outdoor areas with a big dose of luxury.

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