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There is nothing better than wedded bliss. After your marriage, you would want to get the chance to explore the world with your partner. But before you can enjoy the world and all its bounty, you want to have the perfect honeymoon. A honeymoon needs to be a mixture of romance and appreciation. It is your way of showing your partner how much you value and treasure them. That is why picking out the perfect location is of utmost importance.

At the same time, there are popular tourist sites you want to go to that depict you as a person. Tennessee has steadily found itself popular among newlyweds. While bachelors frequent Nashville, you can’t deny the charm and beauty Tennessee holds for you. The state is a perfect blend of a romantic getaway coupled with glorious food. You can also enjoy long drives and take in the scenic beauty that the state holds for you. If you’re planning to book your tickets, here’s a little information that can help you take your honeymoon to the next level:

# 1 Plan a Trip to Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg is a popular honeymoon location. While you’re out with your partner, you can enjoy a hike of the Great Smoky Mountains and even wildlife. You can enjoy a wonderful honeymoon hike with your partner and even enjoy a wonderful dinner at the downtown restaurants. When you’re through with the sightseeing, book a room in any comfortable hotel or resort. You can search online by typing Gatlinburg cabin rentals to find the best honeymoon cabin to make your stay comfortable. If you’re up for some adventure, you can also enjoy a trip to the Guinness World Record Museum. If you’re planning your honeymoon here, make sure you pack all your outdoor gear. Your hiking shoes and hiking clothes should also make a list. For a casual day out, pack your best summer attire with shoes of your choosing.

#2 Stop by Sevierville

If you’re going to Sevierville, you need to prepare yourself for another breathtaking nature’s bounty. The city is located at the Great Smoky Mountain National park. You will get to explore plants, wildlife, and even animals. Make sure you pack your camera along with your hiking boots. Nothing beats a hike and capturing nature from the top of a mountain. You can also book a helicopter ride and enjoy a trip on top of the mountains. Sevierville has enough water bodies for you to explore with your spouse. You can enjoy a picnic or a lunch at the exquisite downtown restaurants. You can even book horse rides or take a bike ride. What’s better than an adventure with your partner?

#3 Don’t forget the glamor of Pigeon Forge

If you’re looking for some good old southern hospitality, you should go to Pigeon Forge. You can’t beat the way southerners welcome you and make your trip memorable. Not to forget the glorious Dollywood awaits you down at Pigeon Forge. An amusement park named after the living country legend Dolly Parton is worth the visit. You get to experience the joys of riding a roller coaster along with delicious comfort food. Pigeon forge also has an array of mountain trails for you to explore. You can also book a room in the comfortable Hickory Splash and enjoy the heated indoor swimming pool with your partner.

#4 Music? Yes, please, Nashville is your next stop

If your playlist is all about Patsy Cline and Carrie Underwood, Nashville is your place to be. Nashville has produced many southern music legends. If you’re all about that groovy life, your partner would love to come down here. The County Music Hall of Fame awaits your visitation. You can even watch a show with your partner at the Grand Ole Opry. Don’t forget to go on the wild trolley ride. After you get done going around town exploring and dancing, it’s time to feast. You can find numerous restaurants suitable for your taste. Fancy restaurants are adding to the romantic flare. If you and your partner are all about comfort food and seeking a warm and cozy meal, go for tacos. 

#5 Pack it up with Memphis

Tennessee is the hub of country music. Memphis is another music lover must-visit spot. Legendary icons like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash recorded their respective music in the famous Sun Studio. If you and your partner are avid music fans, you need to visit the birthplace of Rock n Roll. Memphis also gives you excellent food apart from great music. You can sink your teeth in their savory ribs topped with a delicious sauce. You can also enjoy various meat cuts and savor their delicate meat cuts. 

#6 What Do I Pack for My Honeymoon?

Since you’ll enjoy extensive walks with your partner, you should pack all your hiking gear. However, as you make your way to restaurants and eateries, switch up your summer wear. Enjoy the warm Tennessee sun against your skin. You may even pack your swimwear if you want to enjoy swimming in indoor pools. Don’t forget to pack your camera and snap away at the gorgeous sights before you. Tennessee is the ultimate honeymoon location. It would help if you shared the moment with your partner.


Honeymoon is all about letting the love between you and your partner blossom. Tennessee is warm and bright. It also has scenic views filled with beautiful vegetation and glorious waterfalls. Each city within Tennessee carries its charm and grace. Not to mention two cities within Tennessee are the birthplace of music. So while you enjoy long hikes hand in hand with your partner, don’t forget to bask in the music. Finally, the ultimate way to culminate your honeymoon retreat is to sink your treat in the glorious feast before you.

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