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Are you feeling excited and giddy for your weekend getaway to London? If so, you’re probably browsing some travel guides on how and where to spend your precious time in. One of the most recommended places to explore is Mayfair. After all, it’s very exclusive, and it’s just ideal for you to experience some luxurious moments. With their Michelin-starred dining places, high-end brands, and distinguished bars and pubs, you’re in for the time of your life. 

Make the best out of your two-day trip in Mayfair, and discover some popular and understated nooks around the neighborhood. You’ll be surprised to see that way more beautiful and precious elements are bustling around this city. Stay tuned for all the posh, unabashedly delightful details that turned this edgy neighborhood into what it is today.  Use this guide and make your luxurious weekend trip to Mayfair even more spectacular…

#1 Enjoy the Bars in Mayfair

Whether you’re looking for a place to relax or to enjoy an evening drink, you’ll never run out of options of bars in Mayfair. You will find a plethora of trendy cocktail bars, luxurious pubs, and sophisticated wine bars. Some of these spaces are intimately designed, perfect for you and your romantic partner to relax throughout the night. You can also witness and meet some world-renowned bartenders and mixologists who have mastered their craft for years and are legendary in creating the tastiest cocktails for most elite visiting the area.  

#2 Check out Museums and Galleries

Wear your fun fashion look as you start doing some winter activities. Speaking of winter-related activities, going to museums and galleries should be included in your itinerary. If you have the heart and a keen eye for art, then visiting art museums and galleries should be on your list of to-dos in Mayfair. Various Mayfair galleries showcase pieces of contemporary art, classics, and mixed media. You can also find photography galleries at Hamilton’s. 

Exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Arts are also worth checking. As you take a stroll around Mayfair, you can find some of the streets where famous artists and art masters have lived or are living in. If you’re a fan of sculptures, you can find some exhibitions with such displays or head over to Bond Street to look at the Allies Sculpture. While you roam around adoring artworks and unique pieces, don’t forget to take many photos, as they will indeed look great when you post them on social media. 

#3 Stay in a Luxurious Hotel

This tip might not need to be stated because perhaps you’ve already found a luxurious hotel even before you book your flight or train. Mayfair has many luxurious hotels that date back to the 1900s or so. If you want to feel a genuine and authentic British accommodation experience, you might love to stay at the Ritz London hotel for the weekend. 

Check out some list of luxurious hotels to stay in Mayfair, and you might find the Dukes Hotel, May Fair Hotel, and other extravagant hotel names ready to offer you the best quality of hospitality services. Whether you’re planning to spend more time indoors or enjoy an afternoon tea in their elegant bistro or cafe, it’s a must to select the most luxurious hotel in Mayfair. 

#4 Eat to your Heart’s Content

What’s a perfect weekend trip without indulging in some heaven-tasting goodies? As the district with the most Michelin-starred restaurants, Mayfair is a food lover’s paradise. You can find some of the most exclusive restaurants that seat less than ten heads, and you will have to make a reservation some days or even months beforehand. Therefore, if you’re planning to go to a particular luxurious restaurant, check with them first for prior reservation details. 

#5 Explore Artifacts and Antique Pieces in Shops

Mayfair is also rich in culture in London, wherein you can discover ancient artifacts and centuries-old collectibles. Whether you’re planning to understand the city more or buy antique souvenirs, there are some unique shops to explore at Mayfair. Other than buying some pieces, you can fill your eyes with the most beautiful home items, stationeries and crafts, fine china, and many other collection items in some posh markets around the neighborhood.

#6 Don’t Skip Shopping

If you’re the type of traveler who loves to shop, then Mayfair won’t ever fail you. This is a place that won’t be short of designer stores. You can find the trendiest brands and clothing pieces at Mayfair. With many luxurious boutiques and top fashion houses to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.  

Whether you’re looking to buy ready-made clothing and apparel or find a bespoke tailor who can sew you a customized dress or suit, everything is in Mayfair. There are also shops for the most delicate perfumes and scents, elegant jewelry, and other luxurious stuff that you fancy most. Watches, designer bags, suede shoes and stilettos, and whatever you dream of buying, you can do so at Mayfair.


London is considered one of the world’s most expensive cities to live in and for good reasons. You can find the finest things you can ever set your eyes on in this beautiful city, most especially at Mayfair. Consider the tips and suggestions provided above when you visit this exclusive neighborhood soon. Enjoy your weekend and go back home with lots of exciting memories and a contented heart. 

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