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Today, travel is more accessible than ever before. Young people certainly use their chances to travel while still in college. Of course, sometimes, the hardest part of any travel plan is to pick a country or destination. Thus, young people have to look at affordability, safety, cultural inheritance, nightlife, and other personal preferences when choosing a country. It’s not an easy choice to make. Though, with a little bit of research, each student will find a country to their liking. To help you in your search, here are the most popular travel destinations for students. See if you can pick something for yourself here! 

#1 France

France is one of these countries everyone puts on a bucket list. Of course, many students, as the most impressive group, dream of walking the magical Parisian streets. So, young people often choose France as their travel destination. Sure, France, especially its capital, is not the cheapest place to travel. However, with the right approach, everything is possible. 

While in France, you can survive on fresh croissants and coffee. Though, how much you can see for free there! Just think how many talented and famous people walked those streets! You can even pay for essays to learn more about the cultural inheritance of France in the art world, save time on endless papers by asking for professional help, and spend more time visiting new places.

#2 Morocco

Morocco offers an interesting mix of new and old blended together in one big country. It pays great respect to its cultural inheritance, keeping its spirit and history alive. It’s one of the most vibrant African countries. It’s full of colors and grand architectural monuments. You won’t find such a travel experience anywhere else in the world. Some people will compare Morocco to India, though. However, these countries have their own unique styles of surprising and welcoming their tourists. 

#3 Spain 

Spain is beautiful at any time of the year. You can go to the Western and Southern regions during the summer seasons. Enjoy the long, beautiful beaches and warm ocean waters. Come to Barcelona for incredible architecture and rich history. Travel to Seville or Madrid for the romantic atmosphere and spacious squares. Overall, each city in Spain will have something unique to offer. Students come here for fun times, delicious cuisine, and a great climate. In addition, Spain offers versatile nightlife with plenty of bars to all tastes, affordable music theaters, and nightclubs. 

#4 Thailand 

For a while now, Thailand has been very popular among all kinds of tourists from all over the world. It doesn’t matter whether you are a budget or luxury tourist. Whether you have a week or a few months, you’ll enjoy Thailand the same. Students often choose Thailand for its low prices and great street food. There you can find accommodation as cheap as $3 per night! 

You can backpack through the entire country due to the great public transportation system. Spend time only in Bangkok or take a ferry to one of the many islands around Thailand. Go to the northern parts of Thailand if you want smaller tourist crowds and better prices. Overall, this country offers you plenty of routes to explore. 

#5 Mexico 

Of course, young people love Mexico! It’s affordable and fun with great cuisine and rich cultural inheritance. So, people come here to enjoy thrilling city life, gorgeous nature, and unique dining experiences. The dynamic urban life won’t leave you indifferent. That’s the city to find any type of entertainment, food, and cultural events to any taste or liking. However, what makes Mexico so special are the people. The locals are incredibly welcoming and warm, ready to greet travelers as their own. Finding a local guide and hearing their stories will be a nice addition to your trip. 

#6 Peru 

South American countries always attract many young people. Their vibrant nature, rich culture, and warm people serve as the best invitation to travelers. However, Peru is probably the most popular among all Latin countries. The reasons are simple. Beyond being one of the most affordable, Peru also has some of the most beautiful nature. Sure, the Andes play a big role in Peru’s popularity. However, did you know that Peru also has a desert? Indeed, this country has a lot to offer for all nature lovers. Students come here to hike and rest from college life. 

#7 Greece

Greece is one of the most popular and affordable countries when it comes to travel. Young people love coming there for the culture, nature, beaches, and food. Of course, Greece has a lot to offer young people. First, they can travel to one of the many Greek islands for vacations. There they will enjoy the full range of services and activities. You can go hiking, scuba diving, bar exploring, and, of course, partying. 

You can also go to the mainland to see the great ancient ruins, wonderful architecture, and beautiful parks. The prices on the mainland will also be more pleasant for budget travelers. You can rent a car and spend days exploring Greece with all its mountains, beaches, and old cities. 

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