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Summer comes with its charms and excitement to go all out to enjoy yourself. Where the winter season mostly hides your style under a warm heavy jacket, the summer season allows you to experiment with your clothes, make new fashion statements, and style your heart out. 

If you are bored wearing plains, pastels, or the typical attires that almost everyone can carry, this season you should manage your wardrobe according to the new summer trends. The statement of summer fashion hasn’t changed much over the years, however, many new styles and trends have been added to the list. Since the coming years are getting hotter, the wardrobe should be upgraded in a more flowy, breezy, and easy way. Here are some up-to-date summer styles that you can flaunt.

#1 Go with Floral Patterns

Floral prints are very in fashion nowadays. Opt for some loose, easy to wear, blowy floral dresses, in striking colours. Easy breezy and appropriate for summer; a floral dress is a perfect fit for any get-together with friends, a vacation with your friends or a relaxed day out. Mix different styles, like solid colours with contrasting floral patterns on them, skirts with detailed ruffles and frills, plain tops with a new take on collars paired with floral skirts or vice versa, and much more. People usually prefer to wear light pastel colours during summers, though it depends on your choice, and how you want your floral patterns to stand out.

#2 Go in Whites

Opting for white in summer never fails to impress others. It looks calming and also helps to please the eyes with a cool effect. Especially if you are an office person; a white shirt paired with easy pants would do great in summers. Another option to style yourself during summers is wearing opaque white pants with either a plain shirt, either light or dark in colour, or pair it with a floral, silky top. The choice is yours. The white pants give a classy look in summer and are perfect for summer night dinners, or for an evening party.

#3 Oversized Shirts

Well in summers, you really would not like to wear skin-tight shirts as they make you feel hotter. The current summer trends allow you to go for oversized shirts as they not only look funky but also help your body breathe some air. An oversized breezy tunic style shirt refreshes the mood and if ornamented with trendy accessories, it uplifts your whole look. You can pair an oversized shirt with cotton pants or palazzos to complete your appearance, otherwise, wearing an oversized shirt as a dress itself is also another option that would make you look very stylish.

#4 Gowns

The winters do not allow you to fashion your gowns in a way you want, but in summers you can utilize as many gowns as you want, for special occasions. On a wedding night, a date, or a party night, a gown can rock your look at every event, as they are classy yet fun and excellent for summers.

#5 Dress Sexy

Off-shoulder or the backless tops make you look sexy and such kind of dressing is quite popular among teens and high-school students. The biggest advantage of wearing such tops is the comfortable feel that they provide in summer. Don’t think of off-shoulder or backless tops as non-trendy or disposable, because they really are a fashion staple that you can wear every year.

#6 Neutral Makeup

In summers do not opt for heavy makeup, heavy foundations and another heavy smudging on the face, rather go for a very soft and neutral look.  Avoid using your favourite black eyeliner, dark shadows, hefty foundation, and dark lipstick. Instead wear pretty neutral eye shadows, tinted moisturizers and nude, pink, or rose stains and tinted balms. To add a statement summer glow to your face, apply a dab of liquid highlighter to your summer makeup routine. Remember, less is more.

#7 Work on Your Hair

Much of your look is completed by your hair. In summers, you cannot leave your hair open as they become more frizzy and untamed. Therefore, to complete your look, tie your hair in a stylish way, braid it or wear it in a bun. Do not tightly tie your hair, let some of your hair strands bounce free. The Internet can always help you learn different styles of braids and other tied hair that you can practice throughout summers.

#8 Use Some Accessories

In summers, accessories like sunglasses or hats are quite common and they look stylish too. If your face shape allows it, buy a pair of aviators, as they add to your class and give a very satisfying appeal to viewers. They have always been in style and will always be stylish. Similarly, hats not only look good but they protect your face from the harmful sun rays. Several styled hats are available, and investing some money for summer styling would not be a bad idea.

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