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Breakups happen! We don’t know what causes modern-day couples to drift apart after months or even years of affectionate communication. Experts have suggested trust issues as significant causes of collapsing relationships. It’s speculated that over 64% of Americans have broken up with someone with whom they were involved for a long time. Interestingly, males get dumped more often, while females are more likely to break people’s hearts. So, what do folks do to overcome heartbreak? Some disheartened “loverboys” continue listening to gloomy melodies while others pursue darker routes by maligning the former lover’s reputation. However, there’s another method to mend your aching heart- by traveling after a breakup!

How does a vacation help you overcome heartbreak?

Nobody prefers their relationships to crumble. Trends dictate cutting your tresses shorter to overcome a stung heart, whereas experts propose communicating with friends/family for healing. You have probably heard of the term “breakcation.” No? Well, now you have. This post-heartbreak retreat helps you forget about the one who got away and focus more on your mental/physical health. Making better memories can enable heartbroken folks to endure previous grievances and “move on” from whatever happened in the past. Breakup fills your heart with different emotions; a person feels angry, lonely, confused, and suicidal. That’s why we have suggested a “breakcation!” So instead of sulking on your couch, get out there to boost self-healing.

Breakups lead to lovers blaming each other for their respective shortcomings. Whether it’s your lover’s fault or a Ross-and-Rachel sort of situation, it’s better to “get over” the relationship and pursue further opportunities the life has presented. You must change your environment, establish newer routines, and pursue activities that bolster mental health. All that’s possible by traveling to your favorite destination! There are several locations where you may overcome heartbreak. We recommend traveling to the Great Smoky Mountains and renting Pigeon Forge cabins to ensure a stress-free pleasurable escapade from painful memories. But, of course, you can pick any other destination you fancy. So, what are the benefits of vacationing after getting dumped? We’ve explained some crucial advantages of taking a “breakcation” below:

When you’re journeying to untapped destinations, it allows you to unplug from the world for some self-healing time. You can disconnect from social media and disassociate yourself from all constant reminders of your previous relationship. It prevents you from torturing yourself by constantly checking when your ex-lover was last online. So, try to immerse yourself in nature and escape the confines of social media. Since you’re not glued to a screen while traveling, you can easily trounce heartbreak.

It’s difficult to prevent yourself from contacting your former partners or continue stalking them on social media. This behavior isn’t helping you overcome heartbreak at all. So, we recommend putting some literal distance between you and your exes. When you’re trodding the beautiful landscapes of the wondrous retreat you chose for your breakcation, you won’t be visiting their profiles. Traveling helps you stay away from dangerous post-heartbreak traditions. You’ll only focus on yourself and things that make you happy.

Traveling produces independence and allows vacationers to reconnect with themselves. Wandering around unseen places can help you realize how your previous relationship was suffocating. Silence will become appreciable again, and you can gradually feel yourself transforming into a person you admire. Journeying will help you understand how you were restricted by your previous relationship from just being yourself. Instead of fooling yourself, you can be truthful with the person inside you.

After a breakup, it makes sense to “see other people” to forget about people you no longer wish to see. So, you’ll meet dozens of strangers during your travels, and some of them may become your bosom friends in the future. You can share your incredible experiences with these newfound companions to establish lifelong partnerships with them. Who says those movies aren’t true where heartbroken fellows meet the love of their lives during such post-breakup quests? Hence, start packing for another adventure.

Does traveling elevate your mood? Absolutely! A survey shows that over 50% of Americans consider vacationing to make them happier than shopping/exercising. Even weekend getaways can improve your mental health after a breakup. That’s why we suggest embarking upon an escapade even if you aren’t heartbroken. Research indicates that merely planning your long-awaited vacation may reduce stress levels and help you overcome heartbreak. So, you’ll return from this trip light-hearted again.

They say, “out of sight, out of mind!” When you’ve escaped the clutches of familiar surroundings and locations you used to frequent with your former partner, it’ll help you repair your aching heart more effectively. Staying in another region for a short duration will prevent these memories from resurfacing. You can stop yourself from reconnecting with a toxic ex-lover to finding a rebound to defeat heartbreak. That’s how you can forget about your earlier relationships and become stronger to face your fears.

Traveling can help you discover your long-forgotten passions and interests that you abandoned for your boyfriend/girlfriend’s sake. You probably stopped engaging in particular pastimes to spend some time with your partner. It’s difficult to remember your passions while following your routine. However, journeying to another location will reignite your obsession with long-lost hobbies. You may realize how much you enjoyed visiting museums before you were made to sacrifice this hobby because your partner thought they were boring. 

Overcoming painful memories will require you to create some better ones. When familiar objects surround you, anything can trigger these memories and compel you to walk down that lane of anguish and heartache. Traveling enables you to undergo some unforgettable experiences that will prevent you from recalling those nights spent with your former partner. These blissful memories will replace the painful ones gradually. You should also take some photos to continue remembering the good times.

Vacationing makes you confident about yourself. When you’re exploring unseen locations, it makes you self-reliant, outspoken, and better at communication. You can taste new food, meet strangers, and experiment with new pastimes to challenge yourself. It’ll make you feel invisible, after which you can even try to establish new romantic partnerships. Traveling also accelerates self-growth as your wounds heal and painful memories are deleted. You can turn yourself into a better version of who you used to be!


How long does it take to heal from heartbreak? A market research company conducted a pool on Yelp’s behalf to discover how people respond. The results suggest that it takes some 2.5 months to overcome a broken heart, whereas divorce requires 1.5 years of healing! While dealing with a breakup, it’s crucial to divert your attention towards enjoyable activities. That’s why we recommend vacationing to forget your ex-lover – a breakcation. It serves as an awesome distraction, makes you confident, helps you create new memories, and enables you to establish better relationships. A breakcation will permit you to become self-reliant while alone. So, that’s how you can mend your aching heart and find love in your life again.

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