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When you’re on the go, the last thing you want is for your cigars to suffer. That’s why it’s important to have a good travel humidor to protect them. Not all humidors are created equal, though. So, what do you need to consider when choosing a travel humidor? Keep reading for these tips!


It’s very important to know the capacity of your transport so that you know how big the box can be. Voyagers know that the best cigar humidors are the ones that fit perfectly in their bags, so size is a key factor to consider. Not only should you think about the size of the humidors, but also what size cigars will fit in them comfortably. For example, if your favorite type of cigar doesn’t fit into the size of your travel humidor, then it’s not going to be worth buying one. You’ll want to take size into consideration if you plan to travel with your cigars. If you’re only traveling with a few cigars, then look for a smaller size that can comfortably fit them; on the other hand, if you plan to carry several more, then it may be worth investing in a larger size that can accommodate them all. 

Installation Space

Another essential factor you should consider when choosing a travel humidor is installation space for storing cigars. Depending on the size and shape of your vehicle, you will need to find a model that fits correctly in the installation space so that it will be safe while driving. Make sure to measure the installation space of your car or RV before buying a humidor so that you can accurately choose one with dimensions that fit perfectly. 

To make installation easier, some models come with adjustable mounting brackets or even magnets you can attach to hold the device securely in place. Keep in mind that if you have limited installation space, it’s best to go for a smaller model which won’t take up too much room while still providing effective performance. It’s also important to note that installation space can vary significantly between different types of vehicles. If you’re switching from a car to an RV, for example, you may need to switch to a larger model to fit the installation space. Consider all factors before choosing the right travel humidor for your needs. 


You don’t want to drag around a heavy humidor while traveling, so weight is an important factor. Look for one that is lightweight yet sturdy enough to protect your cigars from bumps and bruises on the road. If you’re taking long trips, look for one with built-in handles or straps for easy carrying. Also, make sure the weight of your humidor won’t exceed the weight restrictions of airlines or other transportation services. Finally, if weight is an issue for you, avoid unnecessarily large models as they can add weight without adding much extra storage space.  By considering this when looking for a travel humidor, you are ensuring a comfortable and stress-free experience as you transport your cigars from place to place.  

What Cigars Do You Want To Store?

There are tons of different cigar types you can buy nowadays. The most popular ones are the following: Churchill, Robusto, Toro, Torpedo, Perfecto, Corona and Panatela. Think about how many types you’ll need to store and choose the size of your travel humidor accordingly. Additionally, make sure that the humidor you opt for can accommodate all types of cigars. Some models are made specifically for certain types, so pay close attention to them before you buy. 

Where Are You Going?

How far you’re traveling is another major factor to consider when choosing a humidor to bring along. No matter if you’re heading out for an overnight camping trip or going on a month-long excursion, you need to make sure that it will be able to protect your cigars during the journey. If you’re taking short trips, then it might be possible to get away with a less protective travel humidor since there’s less time for potential damage from elements and temperature changes. However, if you’re engaging in a more lengthy travel experience, it may be worth investing in a higher quality appliance that’s designed specifically to hold up against long distances and extreme temperatures. 


A humidor needs to be firm and sturdy so that it can protect your cigars from external elements. When looking for the materials for a humidor, it’s important to consider those materials that can provide proper insulation and humidity control. The most common materials used to make travel humidors include wood, metal, plastic, and leather. Wood, for example, is an ideal material as it is breathable allowing moisture in or out while also providing heat resistance and insulation. However, these require maintenance as they often need frequent seasoning. Other options are metal, plastic, and leather. Do some research before you decide. 


The power of sealing is a big factor to consider when choosing this appliance for traveling purposes. If you’re going to carry your cigars around with you, having an airtight and waterproof seal is essential. The sealing should be tight enough so that no moisture can escape and keep humidity levels constant. Furthermore, sealing should also prevent any dirt or dust from entering the humidor, exposing the cigars to potential damage. Look for travel humidors made with rubber gaskets or silicone seals that guarantee maximum security while keeping your cigar collection safe during transportation. 

Your Budget 

Smoking cigars is a beloved hobby, but it’s also an expensive one. While the cost of the occasional cigar may not seem like much, the costs can add up quickly when you consider the price of the humidor that will keep your cigars fresh. Fortunately, there are options out there for nearly any budget. When considering the budget for a travel humidor, it’s important to factor in the size and quality of the product. If you are looking for a basic model with minimal features, then you can likely find something within your budget range. However, if you’re looking for a higher-end model with more features or larger capacity than what is available in the lower-priced models, then you’ll need to set aside some additional funds to get the exact product that fits your needs. 

Having cigars on you while traveling is a sure road to a perfect vacation, but you do need to choose your way of protection carefully. Think about the size and installation space as well as how heavy the humidor is. Make sure to consider the type of cigars you’re smoking and the distance you’re traveling to. Be careful when choosing the materials and the sealing options as well. Finally, take your budget into account as these can sometimes be pricey!

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