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The travel industry has been put on ice for quite some time now. Although some destinations are opening up to tourists, the travel requirements to get there are too restrictive for some. Many people are putting their plans on hold and hoping that the conditions improve enough that there is less risk when traveling abroad. 

Morocco is a popular destination since it is such a feast for the senses. It makes a perfect dinner party theme to feel like you are in a casbah or souk with some special decorating techniques and menu while you wait for the opportunity to travel there again. 

Create the atmosphere

There are three parts to the theme that is integral to create the feeling that you and your guests are in Morocco. The first is the atmosphere that will be created by using decoration and accents that are in a Morrocan style. The second is the food, of course, as that is one of the primary reasons to visit since eating is a popular pastime there. And the last is having the typical drinks that you would find there to accompany everything.

To decorate and create the right mood, it is important to start with the lighting. When you find yourself in a hookah bar, souk, or in a restaurant, the lighting is generally moody and sort of dark. There is an air of mystery. 

Use bronze or copper lamps with lacy patterns in the typical Moroccan style to give off that special light. See about buying some Moroccan-made furniture that features some tassels and hand-carved wood.  Berber rugs complete the picture especially if you also add some pillows for sitting on the floor on the rug.

Get the drinks right

When guests are invited into a home or business, the first thing that happens is they are offered a tall glass of hot mint tea. It is made with fresh mint stuffed into a glass with loads of sugar. Hot water is poured over it and left to steep for a few minutes. Serve this to your guests as they get comfortable on the pillows on the floor.

Although Morocco is a Muslim country and not known for its alcohol consumption, it has a long wine-making tradition. Dune Wines are one of the oldest wineries and make exceptional wines that match well with the cuisine. Serve a crisp white to start the dinner when the appetizers are served and move on to a bold red for the entrees. 

The menu

The most important thing to get right is the food. Moroccan food is known for the generous use of spices like cinnamon, zaatar, and cumin along with tart preserved lemons. 

Make sure to serve some marinated olives and a roasted eggplant dip flavored with tahini and ras el hanout. No meal would be complete without a succulent tagine. This is a stew that is gently cooked in the oven of meats such as chicken or lamb with loads of vegetables in a fragrant broth with preserved lemons. Serve over couscous family style. Dessert should be a simple fruit and nut platter that features walnuts, almonds, pomegranate, and grapes. 

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