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Croatia is undoubtedly one of the best vacation spots in the Mediterranean. It has a seemingly endless stretch of spellbinding coastline, azure waters, well-preserved medieval cities, and more. You cannot miss visiting the town of Makarska while on your trip to Croatia. Even if you have one day’s extra time, we strongly recommend visiting this charming place. Even in one day, you can hop across the island situated around the Adriatic sea, wander around the historic town and admire its beauty, relax at a sun-soaked beach, and have the best time. 

If you are thinking, “What will I be able to explore in one day?” We are here to help you! Keep reading to know more about how most Makarska travelers spend 24 hours in this Croatian hidden gem. 

One Day Itinerary of Makarska

Our itinerary list of Makarska contains all the latest attractions, trending hotels, and the best experiences visitors have had. If you’re looking for an upcoming stay, consider booking villas in Makarska at affordable rates. For more information, visit here. Let us dive into it…

Activities & Sightseeing for a 1 Day Trip:

Besides all the general sightseeing, Makarska has some of the best spots for people to have an enriched experience. Some of the places worth visiting for a one day trip to Makarska include…

  • Breathtaking Krka waterfalls that display the best and most relaxing walk through the beauty of nature.
  • Unique sightseeing and a shopping day trip from the Makarska Riviera. 
  • Dubrovnik imparts one of the best walking tours through the old town. You can also experience a day’s trip from the Makarska Riviera. 

Makarska is the hidden gem of Croatia, and you will not come across such a beautiful place quite often. Don’t miss some of the best sights of the town so that you have the best trip experience. 

Best Places To Visit:

#1 Hike Through the Beautiful Nature Park Biokovo

This place is positioned perfectly up on a hill and has views of the entire Makarska River Coast. There are plenty of marked trekking routes for people looking to stretch their legs and explore on foot. 

#2 Spotting Dolphins

Ever since I read about dolphins in school, I have wanted to see them live in their natural habitat. When visiting Croatia, be sure to hire a speed boat and take a boating trip with your camera in hand. Chances are, you will see these beautiful creatures playing. 

#3 Attend A Festival in Makarska

While booking tickets, make sure that you get a chance to attend a festival in the city. During the summer season, the city hosts internationally famous opera and jazz festivals. Moreover, many events keeps happening here throughout the year so research ahead of time and plan accordingly. 

Many travelers visit Makarska in Croatia to enjoy the sea. Our itinerary contains places that almost any kind of traveler will enjoy, including the sea and beyond. If you can spare three to four days on your trip, Makarska would be one of the best destinations you have ever visited in your life but it’s possibly to enjoy it in just 24 hours too!

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