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Everyone travels as part of their day-to-day lives, whether driving to the grocery store, or taking the bus or metro to work. But for most, travel is a means to an end – even when going on vacation. But alternatives are available, enabling people to travel in not only true comfort, but true style; we’re talking about luxury. But what are the most luxurious ways to travel?

By Air:

It could be argued that flight is a luxury whichever way you look at it – an alarmingly recent invention, allowing people a once-rare and privileged view of Earth from on high, not to mention convenient and lightning-fast travel around the world. However, there are two key ways to fly which stand above and beyond the standard fare of economy-class airline flight. First-class flight with those very same airlines provides a special touch to proceedings, with better service and comfier seats for a truly luxurious ride from A to B. 

Those with an especial taste for exclusivity, however, can rent private jets to fly in luxury to their destination of choice – giving them access to such conveniences as onboard living spaces and even bedrooms for a restful journey. Private jets represent the pinnacle of bespoke flight travel solutions, and it’s hard to imagine a more comfortable way in which to make your trip, whether a business trip or the vacation of a lifetime.

By Rail:

Rail travel can oftentimes leave a lot to be desired in the US, but globally speaking, the railways can offer unparalleled views of the beautiful spaces between where you’ve come from and where you’re going. While many rail routes involve cramming into packed carriages and enduring a rickety trip, there are ways to enjoy a train journey in a more luxurious manner. Much like with flight, there are often first-class options for railway travel, affording more legroom, high-quality food and drink and quiet zones for rest and relaxation. There are also luxury train routes to be found around the world, such as the Seven Stars in Japan or even the famed Orient Express.

By Car:

Commuting by car is a fact of life in the US, with huge distances between suburban districts and central cities, let alone between state hubs. There are more than 220 million drivers in the US, whether in command of daily drivers or the latest muscle car. However, a lucky few drive – or are driven – in style. Luxury car brands such as Lexus and Mercedes-Benz offer high-end vehicles for high-end travel, with powerful engines and sleek cockpits with leather upholstery and trims. Limousines are an extra-flashy way to enjoy car travel in luxury, especially if you’re rich enough to afford a chauffeur to drive on your behalf!

Even if you can’t afford to retain a chauffeur, rental services exist to give just about anyone a taste of the special treatment. Rented chauffeurs can either drive you in your existing vehicle, or bring their own premium wheels for you to relax in the back seat.

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