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It is an exciting prospect to travel outside of your home state, as the idea of exploring and learning about the world is a fantastic concept. However, the process of packing and getting ready to fly out can be quite a nuisance. You need to ensure you have everything you may need, including your glasses, medications, and chargers. Something that gets left behind not only dampens your mood but becomes like a wild goose chase to try and find it in an unfamiliar town. 

So, to ensure you enjoy your trip, we took the liberty to create a checklist for you. As you’re a first-time traveler, it is natural to over-prepare and get nervous. But, when you plan and follow proper guidelines, you will have everything you need without going overboard. Here’s what you need as you’re planning to take off:

  • Look up Where You’re Going

You should first lookup all critical information on a search engine. It means to find out what the weather is like where you’re going. Will you need to prepare for any natural calamities? What apps can help you navigate around the town or city? What are the emergency helplines? You need to be aware of your new locations, from downloading maps to looking at hotels and cabins. Don’t forget once you get all the relevant information, immediately book a place for you to stay beforehand. For instance, if you’re going to Gatlinburg in Tennessee, the weather patterns are generally hot there. So booking large cabins in Gatlinburg ensures that not only you’re savvy on your budget. But you’re also giving yourself a chance to unwind and breathe when you get there. 

  • Get Your Documents in Order

You should keep your passport and necessary travel documents somewhere safe and where you can see them. Traveling to America will need a visa, so ensure that you have your visa documents in order. Some countries also prefer seeing your return tickets at the airport, making sure you have them if you’re going to such countries. Some countries need your passport to be valid for at least six months, so ensure you take care of that. It will also help keep digital copies of your passport and all your paperwork if you lose them. Make sure your friends and family also receive your itinerary and contact numbers if there is an emergency. 

You should notify your bank and credit companies about your travel dates so that they can validate international purchases. You should also find out international ATM fees to know which banks will charge you and which ones are free for use. You should also bring multiple credit cards if there is a system error and one credit card is not working. Also, keep some cash on hand and don’t solely rely on credit cards. It is always best to prepare yourself for all circumstances. 

Visiting your local clinic and ensuring you’re doing alright may be a part of your traveling plan. It is vital if you’re pregnant. The doctor needs to give you clearance to travel. However, if your pregnancy is a complicated one or you’re close to your delivery date, a doctor would strongly advise against you going abroad. It would help if you also had some self-awareness about your health, such as do you get motion sick easily and plan accordingly. Other medical aspects include making sure that your glasses and prescriptions are up to date. You should also try and get two pairs of glasses made, just if you lose or break one. Don’t forget to take all necessary vaccines. Following the pandemic of 2020, you need to get the vaccine before you travel. It would help if you also got all your medicines in bulk. Don’t carry the exact amount of pills you need. Keeping extra ensures that you’re not missing out on necessary medication, such as taking your insulin if your journey gets delayed. 

  • Make Sure Your Home Is Under Supervision

Your house needs to be cared for before you leave. It is an excellent time to install security cameras and connect them to your smartphones. It would help if you also put passwords on any doors and your garage door. If you have plants at home, you must ensure by entrusting a friend or a family member to keep an eye on them as you’re leaving. If you have pets, drop them off at a family member’s house with all their necessities or check them into a kennel. But, when you’re planning on using a kennel, don’t do it on a whim. You need to research beforehand on the most reliable services and how well they handle animals with different temperaments. If no one is available and can’t find a good kennel service, you may look into house sitters. These professionals are reliable and come with prosperous credentials. House sitters not only ensure your house is clean, but they also take good care of your space till you’re back.

It is a good idea to stay connected while you’re traveling abroad. If you have never taken your mobile phone overseas before, contact your service provider and find out what international packages are available for your usage. Suppose you feel international phone plans are expensive. In that case, you may switch over to a mobile hotspot which is far more cost-effective. It will also help determine what the internet facilities are like for the country you’re traveling to. Are there certain places that offer free Wi-Fi, or are there only certain hotspots? It is easy to get anxious if you disconnect with your friends and family as you travel to a new country. However, as long as you know where to get the internet and subscribe to call packages, you’re safe.

  • Pack According To the Location

Seasonal packing is crucial because it informs you what types of clothing you need, what shoes are suitable, and if you should expect an onslaught of rain or insects. If you’re going to the tropics, you should expect both humidity and insects. So, make sure you get insect repellents and loose clothing that can help you combat the heat. Similarly, if you’re going somewhere in the summers, you need to get a good sunblock. Don’t forget to include anti-allergens and medication if you come down with traveler’s diarrhea. Keep waterproof bags with your beachwear if your location has many beaches so you can use your phone or gadget on the beach without getting it wet. You can also buy clothing from where you’re staying, but avoid overspending, buy before you leave. 

Wrap Up:

Traveling can be nerve-wracking, especially if it’s your first time alone. But with a bit of planning, you can make sure you leave nothing important behind and have a spectacular time. Always ensure you’re researching where you’re going and what the visa requirements look like. It will help you keep your documents in order and make sure you know the currency rate. Your health is important too; ensure that you’re fit to travel with all your necessary medicines and medical aids in hand. Your clothing should fit the location, so you don’t wear appropriate wear, which doesn’t affect the climate. Get a house sitter for yourself so that your plants and pets get loving in your absence. Finally, don’t forget to kick back and have fun as you enjoy your first international trip. 

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