Top 3 Fun Fashion Looks for Fall Activities | Luxury Travel Blogger

As the leaves start changing color and the air takes on a chill, you’re likely looking for cute clothing to update your wardrobe. You’ll find a variety of comfortable items perfect for fall.

Blue Jeans Never Go Out of Style

Skinny jeans may be so last year. Blue jeans overall, though, never go out of style. You’ll find a range of jeans trends for the upcoming season that let you update your look while leaning into the dose of classic comfort blue jeans deliver.

Trendy blue jeans these days prioritize comfort. Look for wide-leg styles, flare jeans, and straight-leg options that give you room to move while you’re enjoying fall days out and about. If you’re searching for jeans with appealing details, you might try a distressed look or one that comes in a fun print or pattern. Or, go with a standard pair in a silhouette that lets you show off your of-the-moment fashion sense without sacrificing one bit of comfort.

Blue jeans are not only timeless, but they’re also effortless to mix and match with all your favorite tops. Whether you wear your new go-to pair with boots and a chunky, cozy sweater for a fall day outdoors or with a cute T-shirt and sneakers for an indoor activity, you know you have pants you can count on for anything you have on your itinerary.

Layers Offer Fun Wardrobe Flexibility

When you’re enjoying fall activities like a bonfire, corn maze, or apple picking, you’ll find many stylish yet straightforward options to wear. You’re not alone if you’re wondering what to wear apple picking or sitting by the fire, though. Outdoor activities in autumn require preparation for changing weather. One minute could be bright and sunny, and the next minute a blustery fall wind picks up. 

Fortunately, layers top the list of fall trends. They help you stay stylish while allowing you to prepare for whatever comes your way while you’re enjoying fall activities outdoors.

Layer a denim jacket over a dress for a classically cool look when you’re out on a warmer fall day, or go with a grandpa cardigan to stay cozy in chillier temperatures. Shackets are also super trendy this season. This lightweight layer brings together elements of flannel button-down shirts and jackets, and it’s perfect for layering over a Fair Isle sweater for an outfit that screams autumn style.

Oversized Sweaters Surround You With Warmth and Comfort

Oversized sweaters are another clothing item that seems to epitomize fall fashion. They’re warm, they’re comfy, and they’re available in all of this fall’s top patterns and shades.

Plus, oversized sweaters are incredibly versatile. Depending on what fun fall activity you have planned, you can have fun pairing them with your favorite bottoms. Pair with boots and leggings — athleisure styles are still going strong —or sneakers and loose jeans for a trendy yet comfy ensemble.

Fashion for the fall season means looks that are equal parts cozy and stylish. With so many cute items to choose from, you’re sure to put together outfits that let you look and feel your best when you’re headed out for apple picking and other autumn activities.

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