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Whether you’re navigating your way around the rural idyls of the Cotswolds or you’re driving through Scotland’s spectacular scenery, the UK has no shortage of stunning road trip routes to take. With figures suggesting staycations are here to stay with UK holiday bookings increasing by a whopping 300%, we thought we’d run through some of our road trip essentials so you have the best road trip yet.

#1 Entertainment

You can’t have a memorable road trip without a soundtrack! Before you set off ask your passengers to send you their favourite songs and compile a playlist that will get you through the drive. Remember that every journey will have its ups and downs so creating a different playlist for different moods is essential. Stuck in traffic? You’ll want some songs you can belt out, driving at night-time? Chilled out indie songs are the way to go. 

Of course, if you’re travelling with kids, you might want to consider tablets with all their favourite shows downloaded. Audiobooks are another essential for those long family road trips – and don’t forget the snacks. You don’t want to overload them with sugar from the off, so instead pack healthy snacks and the odd sweet treat for when boredom sets in. 

#2 Safety

Before you set off on your road trip, you’ll want to make sure you have all the essentials for a safe drive. Take car documents such as your drivers licence, insurance, and breakdown cover and place them in your glove box. Add the number of your breakdown cover provider to your phone and add your ICE contact to your phone too. 

Check your first aid kit is fully equipped and don’t forget to pack the high-vis vests and warning triangle should your car breakdown. If you suffer a flat tyre and you’re in the middle of nowhere you’ll want to know you can replace it, so packing a Milwaukee impact wrench in with your spare tyre isn’t a bad idea either. 

#3 Navigation

Whilst getting lost or diverted on a road trip is all part of the fun – promise (!) – you’ll want to at least look at a map to give you an idea of which routes to take. You should also plan your rest breaks every couple of hours, and if possible switch drivers to make sure you’re able to stay alert whilst driving. If you rely on a GPS on your mobile to navigate you, make sure the maps are downloaded in case you lose signal, and of course, even if you can’t read a map, at least pack one just in case! 

Most importantly, have fun, and accept you will get lost – and you may fall out with your passengers, but you’ll also have a fabulous time making memories that last a lifetime!

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