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Spain is a charming country home to misty mountain ranges, sun-drenched Mediterranean beaches, and rugged Atlantic coast. Beyond its stunning landscapes, the country is renowned for its food, rich culture and heritage, and incredible architecture. Luxury travel in Spain could mean spending quality time at tapas bars with family and friends, going for private wine and food tours, and discovering unique culture and history. Check out this list of must-see luxury destinations in Spain…

#1 Ibiza 

There are many reasons why Ibiza has become one of Spain’s most popular destinations for a luxury holiday. Whether you come here for a fun family holiday, celebrate a special occasion or a honeymoon, Ibiza will have something to make your visit special. If there’s one thing that makes Ibiza a favourite among holidaymakers, it’s the beach. The island has plenty of beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters. Some are located in bustling towns, while others are pretty secluded. Spend your days cooling off in its crystal-clear waters or relaxing on the powdery white sands while enjoying the stunning views of the ocean. But Ibiza is not just about the sea and sun. It’s also a place for culture. There are many places on the island where you can soak up its rich culture, but the most popular one is Dalt Vila. It’s a fortified old town featuring the historical remnants of the many cultures who have called Ibiza home for thousands of years.

When it comes to great food, Ibiza has plenty to offer. It offers the best Mediterranean specialities, where fish and seafood dominate its culinary scene. Another reason Ibiza is a favourite of luxury travellers is the abundance of superb accommodations. In fact, you’ll find plenty of luxury villas in Ibiza equipped with luxury amenities that sophisticated travelers often seek. 

#2 Madrid

Having more bars than any city in the world, Madrid is a city that never sleeps – a perfect destination for elite travellers who love the nightlife. The city is also home to beautiful buildings and has an interesting mix of history and culture. Going for a private tour of Madrid is the perfect way to admire the city’s stunning architecture. Begin in Puerta del Sol before making your way to Plaza Mayor, a picturesque square with more than 200 balconies facing the centre of the square. Stroll through Plaza de La Villa and into Casa Sefard to marvel at the stunning Almudena Cathedral and Palacio Real, one of Europe’s largest royal palaces. 

Given the various stunning museums all over the city showcasing the incredible works of Spain’s famous artists, including Picasso and Salvador Dali, Madrid is a true haven for art lovers. For a truly luxurious experience, take a guided tour of The Reina Sofia Museum or Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, where you can skip the long queue and experience these incredible artworks up close.

#3 Tenerife 

Tenerife is the largest and liveliest of all Canary Islands, stretching to more than 97 km. While most tourists would flock to the south to enjoy the year-long sunshine, locals would prefer to converge in the north and establish a home amidst the refreshing, green foothills of Mt. Teide. Meanwhile, Santa Cruz, the island’s vibrant capital, is located on the northern outcrop of the island and is a perfect base for exploring the north or the south. 

For a truly luxurious way of enjoying Tenerife, book a helicopter tour of Los Gigantes. As you fly to the cloudless sapphire skies, admire the breathtaking views of the Los Gigantes cliffs and the romantic fishing village of La Caleta from above. Underwater wine tasting is another activity that’s more suited to elite travellers. Go for an underwater winery tour to discover the rich marine ecosystem of the island and sample the finest wines. Another great thing about a luxury holiday in Tenerife is the countless options for five-star, all-inclusive accommodations. But if you want to experience true luxury, stay in one of the top of the range holiday rentals in Tenerife. These rentals have luxury amenities, including a private pool and garden.

#4 Córdoba

Often overlooked as a holiday destination in favor of Seville or Granada, Córdoba is a fascinating city in Andalucía that has plenty to offer for luxury travelers. The city’s rich cultural and historic offerings have made it one of Spain’s most sought-after travel destinations. Córdoba is famous for its Moorish-Christian heritage, with the main attraction being the Mosque-Cathedral, the only building of such kind in Spain. It’s a 16th Century cathedral built in the middle of a mosque. Another key attraction in the city is the Alcázar de Los Reyes Cristianos, a beautiful palace built among the ruins of a 14th Century Moorish fortress.

One of the best ways to get to know Córdoba’s local culture and people is to dive into the local bar scene. Spend an evening checking the various bars around the historic centre, from creative tapas joints to kiosk-size bars. Drop by Bar Santa Marina, a restaurant and bar with bullfighting photos hanging on its walls.  

#5 Barcelona 

There are many ways to enjoy Barcelona in luxury. While the city may be famous for being one of the cheapest destinations in Europe, it has something to offer for extravagant travellers. Whether you are someone who appreciates exclusivity or have acquired a taste for designer goods, Barcelona will have a luxury experience waiting for you.

One of the activities for luxury travellers in Barcelona is to sail on a private boat. Enjoy a fun boat trip with your family, friends, or loved ones, as you marvel at the gorgeous city skyline from the sea. If riding a boat is not something you fancy, charter a helicopter instead. On your helicopter ride, you’ll enjoy birds-eye views of Barcelona from above. For a real taste of luxury, get yourself pampered in one of the finest spas in the city. You will find many spas all over Barcelona that offers different types of relaxing treatments. But if you want to experience something a bit more sensual, visit Aire de Barcelona, a spa inspired by the ancient Roman baths. It offers guests the unique experience of bathing in red wine with its exclusive vinotherapy treatment.

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