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Travel is amazing in plenty of ways. You get a chance to visit new locations, meet interesting people, learn about different cultures and eat exotic foods. As great as traveling is, luxury travel takes it to the next level. Given an impromptu opportunity to visit a luxury destination, no one would skip a bit to quickly pack up their luggage and leave. And of course, a travel often calls for luxury accessories: the famous Fendi peekaboo bag, accompanied by a Valentino dress will be a perfect fit for everywhere.

Rare travel choices – such as a luxury train – and rare destinations are whatever tickles your fancy. Are you thinking sparkling waters, white-sand beaches, plush villas, unbothered wilderness inspired by tranquility, or something city-like? Below is a highlight of 5 out of the box luxury destinations in the world, among many others.

#1 Shinta Mani Wild, Cambodia

Photo courtesy of Bensley Collection

Shinta Mani Wild is a private nature sanctuary located at the southern end of Cambodia’s Cardamom Forest reserve. This destination is so eventful and the adventure starts right at the get-go. Guests get to the resort in a fun and unusual way via a zipline into a landing zone bar. The resort offers camp-out trips with a luxurious twist, a restaurant, free bikes, an outdoor swimming pool, a tranquil spa and a bar. The rooms are in Beduin-style suites featuring hand picked furnishings, outdoor tubs and a 360 view of the Cambodian jungle. At your disposal is your very own butler responsible for planning your itinerary and making sure you are living your best life.

#2 Shipwreck Lodge, Namibia

Photo courtesy of Shipwreck Lodge

The Namibian wild is one of the best luxury holidays for couples looking for an exclusive getaway. Shipwreck Lodge is home to magnificent desert views, scenic safaris where you can spot plenty of elephants and lions and sea experiences all in one. Sleep in the shipwreck-shaped villas that are solar-powered and have wood-burning stoves to keep you warm at night. There are plenty of activities for guests such as a fishing excursion or a 4×4 jeep safari to the clay castle. Additionally, the lodge offers a private tour of Mowe Bay, a fascinating area at the coast famous for its seal colony, historic diamond mine and spectacular shipwrecks.

#3 AndBeyond’s Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

Photo courtesy of AndBeyond

AndBeyond’s Lake Manyara Tree is located just a few miles from a flamingo-filled soda lake in the Northern part of Tanzania, Africa. This luxury destination offers private safaris tours seeking out wildlife, strolling around the lake’s shores all the while enjoying fabulous sundowners. Accommodation is like no other, the rooms are a perfectly designed treehouse with a spectacular view of the bush.  

#4 North Island, Seychelles

Photo courtesy of North Island, a Luxury Collection Resort, Seychelles

It goes without saying, you cannot claim to be a world traveler if you haven’t stepped foot in Seychelles. The crystal clear sea, white sand beaches with extraordinary rock formation is what makes this place the ideal luxury spot. The Indian Ocean archipelago is swarmed with exclusive resorts, however, one that deserves a mention is the North Island resort is located 18miles off the main island of Mahe. It has 11 well-spaced-out luxury villas making the isle’s accommodation. Each villa comes with its butler who’s at your disposal. The resort offers fun-packed activities such as scuba diving, stand-up paddleboarding and hiking the lush jungles where you can run into an Aldabra tortoise. 

#5 Hoshino Resorts, Japan

Photo courtesy of Hoshino Resorts

There is nothing as beautiful as the Hoshino resorts and pictures don’t do this place justice. The resort in Kyoto located inside an ancient 17th-century mansion and is built on Japan’s Katsura Riverbank. A spring gateway will have you enjoying the famous Japanese Cherry Blossom festival and a magical snowy spectacle in the winter. The interior design of the resort is impeccably done using contemporary furnishing and the fantastic unique woodwork that’s the feature of the luxurious Hoshinoya’s accommodation. Enjoy the seasonal cuisine prepared by a top Japanese chef in your pavilion. 

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