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It’s well-known that driving a car is not cheap. In fact, it’s one of life’s largest ongoing expenses alongside owning a house and having kids. From the car itself to the insurance to the regular MOTs, the expenses are never-ending. And if something goes wrong with your vehicle, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars getting it fixed.

Saving money as a driver doesn’t just involve finding a cheap second-hand car. You also have to think about how you can reduce your ongoing expenses as well. Here are some simple and effective ways that you can save yourself some money as a driver.

Shop For The Cheapest Insurance

Car insurance is one of the largest ongoing costs associated with owning and driving a car. Although your insurance will naturally decrease the longer you’re driving, assuming you’ve had no claims, it’s still important to try and find the cheapest quote. You can find the best auto insurance by searching on comparison websites. Once you’ve entered your details, they will show you the cheapest insurance prices based on your needs.

If you’ve only recently passed your driving test, expect your insurance to be slightly higher than your parent’s or more experienced friend’s. Insurance companies need to know that you’re a good driver before they lower your quote. For those of you who have been driving for years, you should always shop around a variety of companies when you’re renewing your insurance each year. It takes just a few minutes to compare quotes but it could save hundreds of dollars.

 Perform Your Own Repairs

Taking your car into the local garage can be an expensive trip. Mechanics are professionals in their field and they often charge premium prices. Luckily, many of the basic repairs that cars often need can be easily done at home as a DIY job. Even if you’re not clued up on mechanics, you might surprise yourself at just how much you can do by yourself.

Taking matters into your own hands can save you a lot of money in the long-run. Find videos online that you can follow along with to fix your broken car parts of join an online forum to ask others for advice. When you’ve performed the basic repair and upgrading tasks on your car once, you’ll know exactly how to do it again if you need to in the future.

Drive Efficiently

The way you drive makes a huge difference to the amount of fuel your car consumes. And the amount of fuel you use directly affects your wallet! Rapid acceleration and harsh braking not only decrease the fuel economy of your car, increasing its fuel consumption, but it also causes more wear and tear on your car’s mechanics. As a result, you may need to pay for car part replacements further down the line.

To maximize your driving efficiency, focus on speeding up and slowing down gradually when you’re driving. Drive in a higher gear wherever possible so that your car’s engine doesn’t have to work as hard.

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