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There are so many reasons that a couple might choose to renew their vows. Perhaps you’ve hit a special anniversary or you’ve been through a difficult time together? Or, for couples that got married under tight Covid-19 restrictions, renewing their vows can be a great way to still share this special time in life with family and friends.

A vow renewal is not a legal ceremony. Instead, you publicly commit yourselves again to each other. This means that you can either choose to use the wording from your original wedding ceremony, or you can write your own new vows to reflect your journey as a couple. It’s totally up to you, and just like a wedding, a vow renewal should be a day for you to celebrate your love. 

Pick your location carefully

If you’re choosing to renew your vows abroad, then the chances are that you already have a location in mind. Maybe you’re planning to return to the spot where you got engaged, or where you took your first holiday as a couple. Or, maybe you just chose somewhere that you’ve always talked about going, and so renewing your commitment to each other there will make for an extra special holiday. Whatever it is, choosing a meaningful location for you can add a special touch to your day. 

Whilst you should definitely get swept away in the romance, don’t forget the practicalities too. Heading to a remote location has all the elements of a fairytale, but it can make it costly and difficult for your guests to get to. Especially if you’re heading out for a longer trip but your guests are just coming for the weekend, then pick a renewal location that is accessible from a major airport and then head off to re-married bliss after the ceremony.

Get your rings insured

Lost luggage, coming off in the sea, accidentally leaving them behind in the hotel… the list of accidents that can befall your rings start to add up once you factor in a carefree holiday. It’s not like you can leave this crucial element of your ceremony locked up at home, so it’s worth making sure that your beautiful eternity rings are insured before you leave. This can be under a travel insurance policy or a home insurance policy, so check what you already have available to you before you spend more. If you need to, you can take out a specific jewellery insurance cover. Better safe than sorry.

Plan the day

If you’re after a relaxed, casual ceremony, then by all means you can simply renew your vows before carrying on with your holiday as normal. But this is a chance to really make an occasion of the day, so even if you just have a small group of friends joining you, then think about how you might like to spend the rest of your time. Perhaps someone can find a spa for the morning, so that you can be pampered in luxury? You could also ask someone to find and book a delicious local restaurant for afterwards, so that you can all celebrate in style and toast the happy couple. 

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