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Everyone should feel spoiled and pampered on their birthday and your teen is no exception! And as their birthday gets closer it makes sense to plan ahead as far as possible and make this birthday as special as possible.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to throw an expensive birthday party to make sure they get the birthday that they deserve, just some simple treats and thoughtful additions to their day will raise a smile and make it a birthday they’ll never forget! Read on for some wonderful ways to make your teenager’s birthday extra special.

Start Planning Their Gifts Now

Leaving their birthday gift until the last minute will only make things tense and incredibly stressful. Therefore, take some time to plan ahead and find the perfect gift for your teenager – you’ll find a range of toys for 14 year olds here. See if you can find inspiration from their hobbies and interests, or from their close friends and how they like to spend their free time. If you don’t want to spend money on physical gifts, why not gift them an experience or a memory that they can cherish forever.

Head to the Cinema or Theatre

When was the last time you and your teen went out for some culture or to catch the latest blockbuster? You can easily make their birthday a little extra special by making a special trip to the cinema or local theatre. You could even dine out before or after the show and make an evening of it.

A Birthday Breakfast

What could be better than waking up to a gorgeous and delicious birthday breakfast, made up of all their favourite treats – sweet and savoury! Make sure you plan this one in advance so you can serve everything they can think of. You could serve it breakfast in bed style, or serve it at the dining table and let the whole family join in the celebrations.

Plan a Video Call

Does your teen have friends or family members that they haven’t seen for a long time? Or someone who can’t make it to the celebrations? Organizing a video call with friends or family is a wonderful surprise that everyone will cherish and love. You could make it a surprise for your teen or make it part of the birthday party celebrations.

A Recorded Birthday Message

If planning video calls aren’t going to work, then why not work together with friends and family, near and far and create something that they can treasure for years to come. Ask friends and relatives, especially those that they haven’t seen for a while or those who live far away, to record a special birthday message for your teen. Ask them to send these messages to you where you can edit them together and present them as a gift. These messages could be words of wisdom, funny anecdotes, or sweet messages from the heart.

Final Thoughts…

Everyone deserves to feel special on their birthday, consider these ideas above to make your teen’s birthday one to remember.

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