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As you might already know by now, your sleep quality plays a huge role in ensuring good health and overall wellbeing. A good dose of shut-eye each night prepares you to best face the next day mentally, physically, and emotionally fit. Have you been having bouts of insomnia, or waking up fatigued lately? Or perhaps you’ve been finding it difficult to concentrate and stay productive throughout the day? The problem could be your sleep quality.

Thankfully, here are four things you can start doing today to ensure better slumber each night… 

1. Invest In a Sleep-Promoting Space 

Your sleep environment can make or break your slumber experience. Make sure to create a dull space so you don’t find it hard to fall and stay asleep. Apart from ensuring your bedroom is quiet, this means painting your walls with sleep-promoting colors like light gray, dull tones of (ice) blue, lilac, and so forth. Don’t forget to invest in the right lighting fixtures, preferably with bulbs you can control or make dull during bedtime.

2. The Right Bedding 

To create a sleep-friendly environment, investing in a quality bed, a comfy mattress, and warm bedding is a must. The mattress should fit well into your bed. If you are sleeping on a queen-size bed, you will need a quality queen mattress, which usually measures 80” by 60” in length and width respectively. Make sure the mattress type matches your sleep requirements, whether you’re a wet sleeper or have joint issues, for instance.

3. Have a Definite Sleep Routine 

As you might already know, the brain has something called the internal clock when it comes to sleep. If you go to bed at 10 pm each night and wake up at 6 am every morning, the next day can be hard to get by if you stay up late by a few hours and have to wake up at the same time. Having a consistent bedtime routine helps you fall asleep faster and reduces the chances/frequency of waking up in the middle of the night.

4. Eat Light for Dinner and Limit Your Beverage Intake 

It can be quite tempting to fill up your belly to the brim at dinner. While a full belly attracts sleep like a charm, it could also have a counter effect as far as staying asleep is concerned. Eating a heavy meal close to slumber could increase the chances you will take a few trips to the bathroom, and the effect is threefold if you took a lot of beverages. Most importantly, make sure to stay away from caffeine and alcohol before bedtime.

Finally, don’t forget to maintain a healthy diet regimen and exercise early during the day to keep your hormone levels in check. When you get the chance, engage in meditation and deep breathing exercises. These can promote your sleep quality as you clear your head.

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