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Ah, vacation. A time to slip your toes in the sand of a faraway beach or indulge in foreign delicacies in a new country. You want to appreciate every minute as much as possible, which is why it can be stressful to know you’ll be leaving your home unattended while you’re away.

Whatever and wherever you have planned for your vacation, you should first think about protecting your home. Luckily, with all of the recent advancements in technology, you can find plenty of technologies that will keep your home safe while you have fun in the sun.

#1 A Virtual Address

Instead of putting a hold on your mail, as some people do, you can temporarily send your mail to a virtual address, sponsored by companies like iPostal1. You can still receive and check your mail daily from your phone, laptop, or smart device with a virtual address, minus the risk of theft. 

The only real difference between your actual address and a virtual one is that the mailman won’t deliver any mail to your physical home. Instead, the mail redirects to the virtual address. Because the mail is forwarded to the virtual address instead of your vacant home, there’s no risk of losing high-priority packages or mail to porch pirates.

You receive notifications once you receive mail, accompanied with images to read. When you get back from vacation, you can schedule a pick-up or delivery. By keeping track of your mail with a virtual address, you can focus more on enjoying your vacation time, knowing that your mail is in safe hands. 

#2 Motion-Sensor Outdoor Lights

If anyone comes close to your house while you’re away, a motion-activated outdoor light might scare them away. Motion-sensor outdoor lights are a budget-friendly security solution, as you don’t need an entire security system to have motion lights. Instead, the lights act as a first precaution in protecting your home while on vacation

If a robber is skulking around your yard at night, they’re more likely to flee the scene if lights suddenly turn on them. It can help present the illusion that you’re still home and ready to catch them in the act if they try anything.

#3 Home Security System

Home security systems nowadays come with many high-tech gadgets that make protecting your home unbelievably effortless. These systems can even come with window and entryway sensors that send alerts to your phone when tripped. You can also sync the video cameras or doorbell camera to your phone with a mobile app to monitor your home, even from miles away.

#4 Digital Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector

Robbery is not the only thing your home needs protection from while you take your vacation; it also needs safeguarding from accidents, such as fires and carbon monoxide leaks. 

A digital sensor, unlike a standard smoke and carbon monoxide detector, can sync with your phone. From your phone, you can receive real-time alerts about any exposure to fire and harmful gasses while you’re away. 

#5 A Safe

You can never go wrong with a trusted safe to store your valuables while you’re on your luxury vacay, especially a high-tech safe that amateur robbers cannot crack. Ideally, it would help if you put valuables that you typically leave lying around inside the safe. Then you can store the safe somewhere hidden. 

That way, if someone comes snooping around at your windows, they won’t see anything worth stealing. And, if they take the gamble and break in anyway, they won’t be able to get inside of a digitized safe.

In summary…

Vacations are supposed to be a relaxing time for you, so don’t spend that time worrying about your home. Instead, invest in some crucial yet simple technologies for protecting your home while on vacation so that you can fully realize the relaxation you deserve.

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