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Presently, many people lean towards this brown and classy drink known as whisky. This is due to its rich and delightful taste. Aside from that, it’s also considered to be among the finest due to its vast benefits. For instance, some health experts suggest that it may help decrease the chances of getting heart disease.

These are enough reasons to motivate you to launch your whisky collection. Here are five tips for your consideration…

#1 Learn More About Whisky 

It’s critical to understand whisky’s in and out as you embark on your collection. First and foremost, you ought to know the various stages of processing whisky, which are brewing, mashing, fermentation, distillation, and maturation. This way you can tell the fineness that goes into the manufacturing of this drink. Second, you must know the various whisky brands in the market. This way, you’ll ensure your collection has every leading brand. Third, you ought to know the various types of whiskey, including bourbon, rye, blended, malt, and many others. 

Therefore, consider reading comprehensive online guides on all things about whisky, such as the one presented over at this website. On top of whisky information, such sites can also help you with the following:

  • Find reliable online liquor stores from which you can purchase whisky. Note that some stores stock counterfeit whisky, so you’d better be watchful. 
  • Read different reviews from whisky fans, perhaps how tasty they found certain brands.
  • Locate exciting whisky tasting events within your neighborhood, which you may attend, and find quality whisky bottles to add to your collection.
  • Meet and collaborate with experienced whisky collectors. They can share their experience on how they became successful in their venture.

The more you learn about whisky, the better your collection will be. So, devote generous time to the learning phase to ensure you get everything into perspective.

#2 Determine Your Budget

This is another vital point in your quest for a luxurious whisky collection. You’d want to look into the prices of the different whisky brands on the market. Then, compare them with your budget to have an idea of how many bottles you can purchase every week or month. 

A budget also helps you avoid emotional purchases. There’s no denying that some brands are highly-priced. On the same note, don’t be carried away with good-sounding whisky names and the beautiful looks of a specific bottle. These factors are only secondary. Your primary concern should be the quality of the content in the bottle. Also, it’s wise to compare prices from trusted stores before making the purchase. This helps you save a coin or two, which is everyone’s goal, not only regarding whisky collections but in many other aspects of life, including traveling.

#3 Focus On Taste Instead Of Age

Don’t confine yourself to simply collecting old or young bottles of whisky. Undoubtedly, an old whisky bottle may be expensive due to its refinement, casing, and rareness. But it’s not always a guarantee that they’re the best-tasting. You may come across younger whisky that’s tastier and better than old ones. Thus, try focusing more on the taste rather than the age. This way, you’ll ensure your collection is filled with great-tasting varieties, rather than purely old bottles with little to offer in terms of taste.

#4 Choose A Good Storage Area

The storage conditions are critical to sustaining the revered whisky taste. Here are some factors to consider when setting up your whisky storage space:

  • Strong Shelves: Most whisky bottles are heavy, so you must have strong shelves to hold them up. These bottles are expensive, and you wouldn’t want to see them breaking. Therefore, avoid flimsy shelves at all costs.
  • Shade: Exposure to direct sunlight can significantly damage whisky and ruin its flavor. Therefore, ensure your whisky shelf is properly shaded. 
  • Sealing: Ensure all the bottles are tightly closed. This prevents air from entering the bottle. Exposure to air is known to compromise the flavor of your drinks.
  • Temperature: Ensure the storage room has a low temperature. Storing whisky in hot temperatures may cause the liquid to expand, damage the seal, and let in air, which compromises the flavor. 

#5 Invest In A Tracking System

There are dozens of online and downloadable tools you can use to track the statistics of your luxurious whisky collection. Use them to keep records such as the purchase date, the history of a specific whisky brand, the purchase price, and more. 


Starting your luxurious whisky collection is a dream come true. It shouldn’t be complicated, as long as you know the basics. Start by learning as much as you can about whisky from reliable sites. Next, prepare a decent storage space that preserves the taste for as long as possible. Also, invest in a reliable tracking system to keep good records of your collection. Keep adding bottle after bottle until your whisky library gets full.

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