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We’ve all been there. You’re sneaking in a lunch break at your nine to five job, hovering over your keyboard and munching at a green salad, green with envy as you scroll through fellow working professionals’ vacation highlights. Now you may be wondering: How do these go-getters and captains of industry manage to schedule an exotic beach vacation? Don’t these globetrotters have meetings to attend and copies to make? 

While spending a Tuesday afternoon beach-bound may feel unthinkable, travel-friendly opportunities are far from few and far between. Whether you want to start a new career entirely, or you just want a change of scenery, there’s an option for you. The sky’s the limit!

#1 Make a drastic career change

One of the most common myths that prevent people from taking the plunge into a traveling career is that you’ll be in over your head. Outsiders looking in assume that changing career paths once you’ve climbed the corporate ladder is too big of a risk. 

The bottom line is that it’s your life and your career. If your current job, or even just the workplace environment, isn’t satisfying your needs, you don’t need anyone’s permission to change directions. Maybe at one point, you loved your job, but people grow. In some cases, you may have settled for your current job to make ends meet, and now you’re more financially stable. Whatever your reason, trust your intuition and follow your gut instincts. 

While “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” anthems resonated with working professionals of the past, no longer are the days of trudging through hair-pulling stress. If your current position isn’t fitting the bill, leap headfirst into a drastic career change. The best part about living in the 21st century is how many opportunities we have at our disposal, thanks to technology. Plenty of jobs nowadays can be done remotely, and many qualifications are internationally recognized.

Speaking of technology, cybersecurity and tech-based careers are portable and make it easy to work remotely due to the convenience of technology. Many businesses require online security, and you don’t need to invest in a full-time degree to switch to this career, especially if you have an IT background.

Traveling medical jobs are an excellent option for those professionals looking to make a career switch into the healthcare industry. While healthcare professions typically entail hectic lifestyles with unconventional hours, the schedule flexibility and opportunities to traverse exotic locations are well worth the compromise. By trying your hand at traveling medical jobs, you can leave rigid five-day workweeks in the dust.

#2 Plan ahead

Don’t just hand in your two weeks’ notice, book your flight, and go. Take your time and get your affairs in order. Write up a list of all the places you’d like to visit and explore the relevant career options suitable to your skills.

#3 Ignore the critics

Chances are, many of your loved ones won’t be on board with your jet-setting lifestyle, and it can be easy to give in to the doubt. In the face of skepticism, remember that you know what’s best for you. With a little convincing, you’ll have a network of supporters in no time. For those professional jet-setters in the making looking to sway the skeptics, keep in mind that Harrison Ford used to be a carpenter, and Walt Disney started his career as a newspaper editor. These household names serve as proof that changing gears isn’t a career death sentence but the beginning of a new chapter. 

#4 Do your research

Many exotic estinations seem glamorous on social media, only to be a real let-down in real life. Make sure you’re consulting reliable sources to get the full story on your next home-away-from-home. Doing appropriate research will help you navigate new counties safely and will also make budget planning easier.

#5 Explore different travel modes

Not everyone is made for cruising at 40,000 feet all the time. If flying isn’t your ideal mode of transport, explore travel jobs on cruise ships. Cruise ships are career hot springs brimming with adventure. 

#6 Take out insurance

Investing in travel insurance most glamorous part of the gig, but it is vital. Make sure you’re always up-to-date with your travel and medical insurance. Note that policies differ depending on where you are. Ultimately, you’ll want to ensure that constant concerns over insurance don’t hamper your adventures.

Wrapping Up…

Becoming a professional jet setter is easier than you think. Be smart; be safe, and be brave. For best results, keep our tips in mind, and start planning for the next stage in your life.

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