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The patio is the one place where you can relax, either alone or in the presence of your friends or family. Sometimes though, the patio is turned into a separate room, making it lose its charm and become a simple, ordinary room. If you’re thinking about the options of equipping this space, check out our article – it might give you some clues on how to transform the patio into a little paradise corner.

What patio would you opt for?

Generally speaking, there are three types of patio – open, covered and the winter garden type . The most popular option is the covered patio. It is equipped with a roof, so it is more practical. On such a patio you can enjoy both the rays of the sun and the sound of rain, and all without harm to you and your patio furniture. The roof of such a construction does not have to be solid, its appearance depends on the overall concept of your home. Quite often, these are simply chalet-style wooden beams.

An open patio is perfect for small houses or those cases where it was not originally intended at all in the house or garden design. Usually, it is a wooden flooring that smoothly continues from the structure of the house. On such a patio, it is very convenient to have breakfast in the morning or lay lazily in a hammock. It can be additionally equipped with a railing or surrounded by flowers, so that the effect of separation from the house is more tangible.

In addition, such a patio can be set up as a tent. This way, you will still have a small canopy over your head, where you can hide from the scorching sun on summer days. Such a patio can become an impromptu dining room and even a bedroom. The winter garden is a fully glazed patio structure that can be used with great functionality. Depending on how much time a year you spend in your house, you can opt for either winter or summer double-glazed windows. The latter will protect the patio only until the first cold weather signs, but due to the thinner structure, they will provide better air circulation. The winter garden can be converted into a library, a living room, or a nursery. And if you play with your fantasy and opt for some modern stained-glass windows, you can create a real work of art on your site!

Plant selection:

Any patio is not complete without plants and green stuff. No one would like to spend their leisure time on bare wood. It would be much cooler to have a nice talk in the middle of a green aisle with blooming flowers and the rustle of leaves. If you have no experience in choosing plants,be guided by the general design of your patio. If it has a little fence or cross beams, clinging plants should be great. Additionally to making the patio look better, they’ll also help with a little shade on hot days.

A nice solution is a collection of small flower pots. The important thing here is to opt for the ideal amount and not overdo it – do not bring the whole flower store to the patio. Organize a nice combo of plants that match the general design of the patio. For example, if you initially chose the country style, then graceful lilies or orchids are unlikely to look good here. On the other hand, twilight pansies would fit quite nicely.

Furniture and decor:

When choosing furniture for the patio, remember that practicality should always come first. Therefore, if your house is located in an area with an arid climate, but for some reason you still decided to opt for an open patio, keep in mind that it is better to choose furniture from plastic or rattan (like the items from j and m furniture). Otherwise, you will constantly have to bring wooden or upholstered furniture into the house, and sooner or later it will suffer anyway.

As for textile elements, it is a great idea to use small curtains or fabric partitions instead of a door. This way, you will help the wind get more freely into the space of the patio and sometimes even into your house. Soft bright pillows, fluffy blankets or bedspreads are also suitable. If you want to add a touch of sophistication to your patio, decorate it with flower bottles, decorative birdcages, garlands and hanging lanterns. The latter, by the way, will also perform a practical function – in the evenings, your guests will easily find your veranda by walking into the light at the end of a dark garden.

Do not forget that the patio should be decorated in the same style as the house. No patio will look dressy without details. They can be both quite unusual and more classic. Garden sculptures are a proven classic, they are often used for decoration inside the house, and even more so outside. Benches and chairs can also be special (benches designed as sculptures look especially beautiful).

Remember that, in the summer, plants are the most important patio guests. They can come grown in flower beds, in pots or in vases, even as a pattern on upholstery and fabrics. A chic idea is a flower pot stand made from aged chairs without a seat. Such a stylish patio can be used quite successfully as a decoration for holidays, especially for a festive table in the open air. Of course, you can set up such a holiday for yourself every morning, for breakfast – an easy way to make your life more beautiful. 

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