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Our Earth has tremendous natural beauty. But some angles and spaces of it can only be reached and experienced by water. That is the crucial reason why cruising has become not only the number one choice of vacation but the only way to truly grasp and take in Mother Nature’s magic. If you want to get to the sweetest and most mystical nooks and crannies of this world, then we recommend you check private charter cruise packages. A personally tailored trip to your every desire and need will allow you to see and do rare and unique things that you can’t experience with other forms of travel. 

But with so many locations waiting on you to explore them, the question of where your next private cruise should be arises. With that in mind, here is a well-thought-out list of the world’s best cruising destinations.


In search of a multicultural place where you can enjoy vibrant views and exotic climate? Search no more. Indonesia, as the largest archipelagic state in the world, is the ideal cruising destination for anyone trying to escape the mundaneness of the modern world.

Head to Bali for parties that you will remember for the last of your life. Explore the Jurassic paradise that is the Komodo National Park and see the world-famous Komodo Dragon. Sunbathe on Pink Beach and take a hike on Padar Island for the most breathtaking view from the top. Explore the marine-rich coral reefs in the heart of the Earth Coral Triangle and swim in red, blue, and green lakes in Flores. The possibilities of transformative experience are infinite in Indonesia. Whether you are in need to rest your soul or recharge it – this is the place to do it.

The Amazon River

River cruises are becoming more and more popular for a reason. The secrets of The Amazon River can only be discovered and enjoyed by traveling its majestic stream. Along the way, you will get deeper and deeper into the very core of the Amazonian Jungle and see firsthand why it is said to be one of the most magnificent places in the world.

Throughout the rainforest, you will have close encounters with different animals and see some awesome and luscious plant life. You will get access to remote villages and get to absorb their way of living. You can also go fishing for piranhas and take exhilarating jungle walks. Feel reborn with every sunrise splattered on the surface of the Amazon River. Cruising The Amazon River will definitely be one of the most memorable experiences of your whole life.

The Greek Islands

If you are ready to have the most fun – you are ready to embark on a Greek Island cruise. The vibrant colors of Greek architecture mixed with the sparkling blueness of the sea surface will have you questioning why you didn’t do this sooner.

From world-class bar and club hopping in Mykonos to fabulous day excursions to Black Sand Beach and Red Beach in Santorini – Greece will have you in awe immediately upon arrival. You can visit one of the most historic sites in the world, the Acropolis in Athens, and then get lost in one of the many museums. Feast on local seafood in Create and explore The Palace Knossos. We recommend you choose to spend a couple of your land excursions sipping on ouzos on a beach to fully get in touch with the Greek spirit. 


Although some might find Antarctica an odd choice for a cruising destination, it is one of the most alluring choices on this list. Thanks to the gloriousness and the magnitude of the icebergs, and the terrific snowy landscapes, Antarctica is visited by more and more people each year.

While cruising Antarctica you will be amazed by the variety of wildlife that lives there. You will get the chance to spot all kinds of sea mammals like whales and all types of penguins. The small islands of Paradise Bay and Elephant Island will introduce you in detail to the Antarctic daily lifestyle. And one of the things that will absolutely get you mesmerized is the weight of the Petzval Glacier.

The French Riviera

The only place where all that glitters and shines is really gold. The French Riviera is without a doubt the most luxurious cruising destination on this list.

Visit the Oceanographic Museum and The Prince Palace in Monaco. Party the night away in Saint Tropez then enjoy a french brunch in some of the extravagant restaurants. Swim in amazingly clear turquoise waters and work on your summer tan on Gigaro. Walk the streets in Nice and enjoy the European atmosphere. Don’t forget to spend a day or two in Cannes, the sister city of Beverly Hills, where practically everyone you pass is a celebrity. Yes, the French Riviera is an acquired taste. But apart from the glamour, be sure that you will fall in love with its nature and culture also.

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