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Croatia is a culture-rich nation. It is a popular destination for a vacation. It is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most famous sailing destinations. The Adriatic coast of Croatia has over 200km of azure waters and has more than a thousand islands. 

The Island of Brač is one such island. This island is famous for its numerous beautiful luxury resorts. The beach of Zlatni Rat, beside Bol, is popular worldwide as one of the most sought-after tourist places in Croatia. Vidova Gora, located in Brač, is also the highest peak in the Croatian islands.

Mooring in Brač:

Brač is known for its mooring facilities. There are many anchorages here, nearly ten harbors, and a couple of marinas around the coastline. If you are looking forward to a yachting vacation, there are numerous luxury yachts that you can rent and enjoy yachting. For more information, check this out.

Enjoying Water-Sports in Brač:

This island is quite famous amongst sports lovers too. There are various sports like parasailing, surfing, etc. Brač is the main point of attraction for surfing. It has the ideal currents and weather for a good surfing experience. Then comes hiking. St. Vid, the highest peak in the Croatian islands, offers an amazing island view. There are various roads for biking as well. Cycling is one of the best ways to move around the island. One place where you can begin your exploration of the Croatian islands is the Golden Horn Beach. This beach is situated near Bol and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches. Surfing is quite common on this beach. There are also special arrangements for surfing for kids.

Brač’s Fish and Wine:

Wine-making tradition is something that the locals of Brač are quite proud of. There are various local wineries that you can visit and go for wine-tasting. You can find wine in local taverns as well. Here, you can also try the popular fish-based cuisines of Croatia and enjoy an amazing time vacationing here.

Sightseeing in Brač:


While in Brač, you can go sightseeing in churches that have been in existence since the Renaissance period. You can visit the Blaca monastery, which the Glagolitic monks built in medieval times. They had built them to hide from the Ottomans. When they started, it was a cave, and then they made it into a beautiful church. Dragon cave is another spot beside the Murvica village. You can find various mysterious drawings on the walls of the cave. The Glagolitic monks made these beautiful scriptures.

Brač is an island rich in culture. This is an exceptional destination in Croatia and is famous worldwide as well. Natural resources and the human-made cultural legacy stand out for tourists. This is what makes it an amazing place to go for vacation. By renting luxury charter yachts, you can make the most out of your vacation in Brač and experience the best that Croatia has to offer as well.

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