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Most people around the world love to travel. Imagine that you can spend only 5-10 hours to find yourself in a new country and see the amazing places and traditions of residents. The many locations are so amazing that you can take your breath away from the beauty of nature. But do not forget that excursions and walks are just a small part of activities that can bring you unforgettable emotions. How about a picnic somewhere in the mountains or on the Pacific coast? Here are the top seven picnic spots around the world for tourists.

#1 Kumana National Park, Sri Lanka

Just imagine how cozy it is to sit in the shade of mangroves while eating local fruits and delicacies along the way. Kumana National Park is the real heart of Sri Lanka. Here you can enjoy amazing landscapes, beautiful nature and buy delicacies. All you need is a plane ticket and a little patience. By the way, you can even hire an elephant guide to find the best spot for your picnic. But do not forget that students should settle any assignment problems in advance before visiting this country. It would be nice to find a good company to delegate your papers. Then nothing would stop you from enjoying your vacation.

#2 Rapid Bay, Australia

Australia is an amazing country that will not leave you indifferent. How about Rapid Bay? This is the place where high cliffs meet warm water. The local beaches have dark volcanic sand so you can take a lot of good photos. By the way, if you spend 5-10 minutes, you will surely find some cave where you can make a fire and fry marshmallows. You can, however, lay the bedspread on the sand and enjoy the light breeze. You will surely remember such a vacation for a long time.

#3 Tohoku, Japan

Shiogama Shrine in Sendai is the best place in the Tohoku region. The local cherry orchards are amazing, and you should see them. Unfortunately, you will not be able to set up a barbecue area or cook anything over an open fire. However, no one bothers you to have a picnic and take fruit and sandwiches with you. Plus you can rent tables and chairs. Local nature and birdsong will allow you to be abstract from the bustle of the city.

#4 Sanctuary Kusini, Tanzania

Sanctuary Kusini is the safest camp in Tanzania where you can organize a picnic. The local authorities have built a good infrastructure so that you can rest comfortably and enjoy the local beauty. All you need to do is choose a location, order food and drinks and have a good time. Please rent a car and a guide to find the best place. In addition, local entrepreneurs have set up a communication tower in the camp so that you can connect to the Internet. This option will be especially useful for students wishing to delegate their voluminous assignments to a reliable essay writing help service. Choose a company you can trust, and your picnic will be free from fuss and any negative thoughts.

#5 Desert Island Picnic, French Polynesia

French Polynesia is an amazing place where many tourists come to enjoy the warm water and pristine nature. Find some atoll and rent a boat. It is best to have a picnic in the morning or at sunset when the rays of the sun will not burn you. Such a picnic is good because you can feel the unity with nature. But you will have to buy food at the hotel in advance, as you will not have the opportunity to cook on the beach.

#6 Mountain Picnic Near Aspen, Colorado

Aspen Resort is the place where you will see the red sunset and the dark mountain peaks. Imagine a picnic in the forest surrounded by birdsong and pine needles. You will surely get a lot of positive emotions. It is best to visit this place in summer or early autumn when the air temperature is high enough. This picnic spot is unique due to its beautiful nature and relative proximity to resort restaurants. That is why you can buy any food, drinks and even order a helicopter that will help you get to any summit for relaxation. But what if you are a student and remember your assignments before the picnic? Just find someone on the Internet and outsource the trickiest papers. Then nothing will prevent you from enjoying delicacies in the company of friends or relatives.

#7 Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

Mountains, trees, warm water, and beautiful birdsong. How about visiting New Zealand? You should rent a vehicle to see Abel Tasman National Park with your own eyes. This place is ideal for a retreat and a picnic. Beautiful nature, lack of the hustle and bustle, and relative proximity to urban comfort will allow you to enjoy your vacation.

Choose any location and enjoy the moment. Regardless of your choice, you will surely get a lot of positive emotions and take a break from the usual rhythm of life. Now you have seven ideas for organizing a picnic with your friends.

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